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Crazy Linoone

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Pokémon count


Name Species Ability XP :3 Item
Active squad
Heinkel Gabite Sand Veil 5 4 Lucky Egg
Kwak'wala Xatu Synchronize 0 0 Wise Glasses
Death Canon Porygon2 Download 4 3 Dubious Disc
Delicious Cannelloni Porygon Download 0 0 Up-Grade
Ride Shroomish Effect Spore 0 0 Lucky Egg
Faraday Murkrow Super Luck 2 2 Dusk Stone
Marchen Archen Defeatist 0 0
Rifleman Remoraid Sniper 1 1 Lucky Egg
Baloney Drifloon Unburden 0 0 Lucky Egg
Fishfriend Chinchou Illuminate 0 0 Lucky Egg
チャンピョンはニニだ (Sane Zigzagoon) Zigzagoon Pickup 0 0
Crunch Feraligatr Torrent 6 4
Crazy Linoone Linoone Pickup 0 0
Riley Lucario Inner Focus 1 9 Expert Belt
Death Cannon Porygon2 Download 0 0 Dubious Disc
Death Canyon Porygon-Z Download 4 3 Leftovers
Blazhy Aerodactyl Pressure 2 2
Mike Meowth Technician 0 0
Easter Nosepass Magnet Pull 0 0
Not a Creeper Lileep Suction Cups 1 1 Lucky Egg
Kitchen Appliances Rotom Levitate 0 0
Carbon Monoxide Drifloon Aftermath 0 0
Rather Scrumptious Magikarp Swift Swim 0 0
Simon Drilbur Sand Rush 0 0
Kamina Sandile Intimidate 0 0
Blimp Wailmer Oblivious 0 0
Thesis Porygon Download 0 0 Up-Grade
Porygon Gyarados Intimidate 0 0
D Canon Porygon Download 0 0 Up-Grade
Death Canton (CL-xmas) Porygon Download 0 0 Up-Grade
Uguutina Gulpin Liquid Ooze 0 0


Item Qty Summary
Big Root 1

Raises the health or energy recovered by draining moves to 3/4 of the damage dealt.

Chesto Berry 1

Cures sleep. One use per battle.

Dubious Disc 3

Raises damaging moves' final damage by 1% for 1% less energy. Only works for Porygon and Porygon2. Helps Porygon2 evolve.

Dusk Stone 1

Raises damaging moves' final damage by 2% as long as the holder has 33% health or less. Helps certain Pokémon evolve.

Electirizer 1

Grants the holder Motor Drive in addition to all other abilities. Damages it by 1% after each action if it is weak to Electric. Helps Electabuzz evolve.

Eviolite 1

Lowers incoming moves' final damage by 2%. Only works if the holder is not fully evolved.

Mental Herb 1

Cures attraction, Taunt, Encore, Torment, Heal Block, Disable, Cursed Body, and Mummy. One use per battle.

Rare Candy 8

Permanently raises a Pokémon's experience and happiness by one. One use.

Red Card 1

Bans the last move the holder was hit by for the rest of the battle. One use per battle.

Scope Lens 1

Raises the holder's critical hit rate by one stage.

Spooky Plate 1

Lowers damaging Ghost-type moves' energy cost by 1%. Makes Hidden Power Ghost-type.

Thunder Stone 1

Raises Electric-type moves' final damage by 1% and lowers their energy cost by 1%. Helps certain Pokémon evolve.


Battle Ref Started Ended
Crazy Linoone vs Byrus Keldeo 2015 April 11 2015 May 30