The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


5 ($15)
Female or male


Innards Out

When knocked out, deals damage equal to the final hit to the attacker.


(Hidden ability.) Ignores opponents' stat changes, except for Speed.

Type matchups

Weak to (1.5×)
Resistant to (0.67×)
Immune to (0×)




Move Type Stat Pow. En. Acc. Pri. Summary
Attract Normal 4% 100%

Infatuates the target if it is the opposite gender.

Baton Pass Normal 3%

Switches out, passing the user's stat modifiers and various effects to its replacement.

Bestow Normal 3%

Passes the user's held item to the target if it does not already have one.

Bide Normal Physical * * +1

Stores energy for three actions, then damages the target for twice the total damage taken.

Block Normal 3%

Blocks the target's path, preventing it from switching or using moves that require a lot of movement.

Confide Normal 1%

Lowers the target's Special Attack by one stage.

Counter Fighting Physical * * 100% −5

Counters a physical move, dealing twice as much damage as the user took.

Curse Ghost *

Ghost users: costs half health; deals damage to the target after each round. Others: raises Attack and Defense but lowers Speed by one stage.

Double Team Normal *

Produces a number of illusory clones which act as decoys for single-target moves.

Endure Normal * +4

Prevents direct damage from lowering the user's health below 1% this action.

Gastro Acid Poison 3% 100%

Nullifies the target's ability.

Hail Ice 5%

Changes the weather to hail for nine actions.

Harden Normal 1%

Raises the user's Defense by one stage.

Helping Hand Normal * +5

Multiplies the power of an ally's move by 1.5 this action.

Light Screen Psychic *

Halves damage taken from special moves for five actions.

Memento Dark 13% 100%

Knocks the user out. Minimizes the target's Attack and Special Attack and lowers its Speed by two stages.

Mud Sport Ground 3%

Lowers the effectiveness of Electric-type moves used against any friendly Pokémon by one stage for nine actions.

Pain Split Normal *

Averages the user and target's health.

Protect Normal * +4

Protects the user against all moves this action.

Psych Up Normal *

Copies the target's stat stages.

Purify Poison *

Heals the target's major status ailments. If successful, also restores 50% of the user's health.

Quash Dark 3% 100%

Makes the target act last this action.

Rain Dance Water 5%

Changes the weather to rain for nine actions.

Recover Normal *

Restores 50% of the user's health.

Recycle Normal 3%

Restores the user's held item.

Reflect Psychic *

Halves damage taken from physical moves for five actions.

Rest Psychic *

Puts the user to sleep and fully heals it over three actions.

Safeguard Normal *

Protects the user and its allies from status ailments for five actions.

Sleep Talk Normal *

Randomly uses any move the user has used since entering battle. Only works while asleep.

Soak Water 5% 100%

Changes the target's type to Water.

Spite Ghost 5% 100%

Raises the energy cost of the target's last move by 4% until it leaves battle.

Substitute Normal *

Transfers 10%, 15%, or 20% of the user's health into a doll, which blocks moves targetting the user until the doll's health reaches 0.

Swagger Normal 3% 85%

Confuses the target and raises its Attack by two stages.

Taunt Dark 4% 100%

Prevents the target from using non-damaging moves for three actions.

Tickle Normal 2% 100%

Lowers the target's Attack and Defense by one stage.

Toxic Poison 4% 90%

Badly poisons the target. Never misses if the user is Poison-type.

Venom Drench Poison 3% 100%

Lowers each target's Attack, Special Attack, and Speed by one stage if it is poisoned.

Water Sport Water 3%

Lowers the effectiveness of Fire-type moves used against the user or its allies by one stage for nine actions.

Pyukumuku in the league

Name Trainer Ability XP :3 Item
Puck Karousever Innards Out 0 0