The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


1 ($5)
Female or male


Big Pecks

Prevents Defense from being lowered by other Pokémon.

Gale Wings

(Hidden ability.) Raises Flying moves' priority by one.

Type matchups

Very weak to (2×)
Weak to (1.5×)
Resistant to (0.67×)
Very resistant to (0.5×)
Immune to (0×)







Move Type Stat Pow. En. Acc. Pri. Summary
Acrobatics Flying Physical 55 3% 100%

Has double power if the user is not holding an item.

Aerial Ace Flying Physical 60 3%

Never misses.

Agility Psychic 2%

Raises the user's Speed by two stages.

Attract Normal 4% 100%

Infatuates the target if it is the opposite gender.

Confide Normal 1%

Lowers the target's Special Attack by one stage.

Defog Flying 4%

Removes various effects from the field and lowers the target's Evasion by one stage.

Double Team Normal *

Produces a number of illusory clones which act as decoys for single-target moves.

Facade Normal Physical 70 4% 100%

Base power is doubled if the user has a major status ailment, excluding sleep.

Flail Normal Physical * * 100%

Base power and energy cost rise as the user's health falls.

Flame Charge Fire Physical 50 4% 100%

Has a 100% chance to raise the user's Speed by one stage.

Fly Flying Physical 90 5% 95%

Flies up high, dodging most moves, then hits. Costs 3% extra energy to do both in one action.

Frustration Normal Physical * * 100%

Base power and energy cost vary with the user's mood.

Growl Normal 1% 100%

Lowers each target's Attack by one stage.

Heat Wave Fire Special 95 5% 90%

Has a 10% chance to burn each target.

Hidden Power Normal Special 60 3% 100%

Type is randomized per Pokémon per battle.

Me First Normal *

Uses the move the target is about to use, with 1.5 times the base power. Fails if the target has already moved this action.

Natural Gift Normal Physical * * 100%

Varies based on the user's signature move.

Overheat Fire Special 130 8% 90%

Lowers the user's Special Attack by two stages.

Peck Flying Physical 35 2% 100%

Deals damage. No other effect.

Protect Normal * +4

Protects the user against all moves this action.

Quick Attack Normal Physical 40 3% 100% +1

Deals damage. No other effect.

Quick Guard Fighting * +3

Protects the user and its allies against priority moves this action.

Razor Wind Normal Special 80 4% 100%

Requires an action to charge. Can be used in one action for 3% extra energy.

Rest Psychic *

Puts the user to sleep and fully heals it over three actions.

Return Normal Physical * * 100%

Base power and energy cost vary with the user's mood.

Roost Flying *

Restores 50% of the user's health, and removes its Flying type, if applicable, until the user's next action.

Round Normal Special 60 3% 100%

Has double power if used by multiple Pokémon in one action.

Secret Power Normal Physical 70 5% 100%

Has a 30% chance of inflicting an extra effect that depends on the terrain.

Sleep Talk Normal *

Randomly uses any move the user has used since entering battle. Only works while asleep.

Snatch Dark * +4

Steals the first non-damaging, self-targetted move used by any opponent this action.

Snore Normal Special 50 4% 100%

Has a 30% chance to make the target flinch. Only works while asleep.

Steel Wing Steel Physical 70 4% 90%

Has a 10% chance to raise the user's Defense by one stage.

Substitute Normal *

Transfers 10%, 15%, or 20% of the user's health into a doll, which blocks moves targetting the user until the doll's health reaches 0.

Sunny Day Fire 5%

Changes the weather to strong sunlight for nine actions.

Swagger Normal 3% 85%

Confuses the target and raises its Attack by two stages.

Swords Dance Normal 2%

Raises the user's Attack by two stages.

Tackle Normal Physical 40 2% 100%

Deals damage. No other effect.

Tailwind Flying 4%

Doubles the user and its allies' Speed for four actions.

Taunt Dark 4% 100%

Prevents the target from using non-damaging moves for three actions.

Thief Dark Physical 60 3% 100%

Steals the target's held item.

Toxic Poison 4% 90%

Badly poisons the target. Never misses if the user is Poison-type.

U-turn Bug Physical 70 4% 100%

Makes the user switch out.

Work Up Normal 2%

Raises the user's Attack and Special Attack by one stage.

Fletchling in the league

Name Trainer Ability XP :3 Item
Aang shy ♡ Gale Wings 0 0
Altair RespectTheBlade Gale Wings 0 0
Aquila Coloursfall Big Pecks 0 0
Cardinal IndigoEmmy Big Pecks 0 0
Cinderbeak Whirlpool Gale Wings 0 0 Fire Stone
Cleo surskitty Gale Wings 0 0 Sharp Beak
Feenie hopeandjoy Gale Wings 1 1
Fiametta Zora of Termina Big Pecks 0 0
Fletchking Fullauraluma Big Pecks 0 0
Fletchling JacenBoy Big Pecks 0 0
Kloe Meowth Big Pecks 0 0
Komadori Wargle Big Pecks 0 0
Ra Kung Fu Ferret Big Pecks 0 0
Tobias Zapi Big Pecks 0 0 Silk Scarf
Twitchwing Rosegold Gale Wings 1 1 Sharp Beak
Wright qva Big Pecks 1 1 Flying Gem