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Expert Belt
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Signature Attribute: Sun Demigoddess

Amaterasu is the last in a long line of Mightyena. She was named for her second-most distant ancestor, Amaterasu the goddess of the sun. The original Amaterasu accomplished the amazing feat of defeating Orochi, the 8-headed demon, and Yami, the Emperor of Everlasting Darkness. In doing so, the original Amaterasu traveled around the distant land of Nippon, gathering powers from the thirteen Celestial Brush Gods to use with her divine power, the Celestial Brush. Since the original Amaterasu, every one of her descendants has possessed a celestial brush of their own and followed in their ancestors' footsteps, making their own pilgrimage around Nippon and collecting powers from the Celestial Brush Gods. Amaterasu is no exception. However, she was caught and sold to Superbird before she was able to gain all of the Brush Gods' powers, and thus does not yet have the ability to use all of them, much less at their full power. She has already learned several, however, and plans to return to Nippon to retrieve the rest of them when she evolves:

All of these attacks are initiated by Amaterasu’s Celestial Brush, and as such, all of them can be used with equal effectiveness regardless of Amaterasu’s distance from her opponent. Slash and Vine Whip deal physical damage but, as they are Brush attacks, are calculated off of Amaterasu’s Special Attack stat. Additionally, Amaterasu only has a limited amount of ink so she can only use one of the above attacks per round. In addition, Greensprout, Waterspout, Inferno, Thunderstorm and Blizzard can only be used with help from Amaterasu's surroundings--flowers, vines, or trees for Greensprout, water for Waterspout, a significant source of heat for Inferno, something with electrical energy for Thunderstorm, and ice (or another icy object) for Blizzard.

Being a demigoddess of the sun, Amaterasu obviously fights better in sunlight. When fighting in strong sunlight, Amaterasu gains an extra +1 in Speed. However, if Amaterasu is fighting when the sky is not visible she loses this boost, and instead incurs -1 Speed. In addition, being the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu is a normal-type instead of a dark-type, gaining all the advantages and disadvantages of Normal-type and shedding those of the Dark-type. She also gains a weakness to the Dark-type. Finally, because she is a goddess of sun, Amaterasu has never learned many evil techniques and is violently opposed to them, and thus cannot use them.


Amaterasu is now a Normal-type instead of a Dark-type, and gains all the benefits and drawbacks of that type along with an additional weakness to Dark. If she is battling in strong sunlight, Amaterasu gains an extra +1 in Speed, but if the sky is not visible she will have -1 Speed. Note that this modification cannot bypass the +/-6 limit, and they fade if the condition for them is no longer true. Finally, she can use one of the following attacks a maximum of once per round:

Finally, Amaterasu loses access to the following attacks:

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