The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Metal Powder


Signature Move: Memory Transformation

Meta is a bit less playful than most other Ditto. Well, that’s not true – it’s incredibly playful, but it gets bored easily. It’s always looking for new ways to prank the other pokémon hanging around Superbird’s house (or wherever he keeps the rest of them). And so Meta began training its memory. The Ditto began to spend a lot of time in the library, researching other basic pokémon, and practicing transforming by memory rather than by sight. And over time, Meta got a lot better at it – the first time Superbird saw a Magikarp flopping on his bed he was rather confused (after all, his Magikarp had already evolved) until Meta revealed itself.

Like any good trainer, Superbird figured that such a practiced skill should not go to waste, and so he began training Meta in this transformation. He brought in some of his other pokémon – as ambivalent as they were about helping the prankster get better at pranking – to help teach the Ditto some moves, and after a couple of questionably legal backdoor visits to the Aurion Home for the Belligerent Elderly, Meta was ready for battle.

Type: Normal / Class: Status / Power: -- / Energy: 5% / Accuracy: -- / Target: Self / Priority: -1 / Usage Gap: Once per battle.

Effects: Meta has trained itself to remember a wide variety of pokémon and moves, and as such it has gained the ability to transform by memory into a variety of common pokémon – without needing to look at them first. By using this move, Meta can transform into any Rarity 1 or Rarity 2 pokémon. However, Meta’s memory isn’t limitless – transforming by memory makes it much more difficult to copy anything but a pokémon’s natural abilities – and while transformed into a pokémon by memory, Meta can only use moves that fit into one of the following categories:

Moves in the former category cost 1% more energy and move last in their priority bracket, because recalling them from memory takes a little bit of time.
Moves in the latter category, meanwhile, Meta manages by visualizing itself using the move while transformed into that pokémon.

Description: Identical in appearance to Transform.

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