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ASBdb changelog, August 2: shinies!!

Posted 2015 August 03, 03:16.46 UTC by Trinket

You can now make your Pokémon shiny! You can retcon whether or not your Pokémon is shiny at any time on the Pokémon edit page (the same page where you change their name).

The shiny icon edits are from msikma's "pokesprite" repository; credit's in the footer too. I'll package all the shiny sprites up and send them off to Butterfree to get them in the forums' sprite BBCode.

Relatedly, the Pokémon icons are now all one image, which is cropped to individual icons using CSS. This makes pages with a lot of icons, like the Pokémon and Pokémon species lists, render a looooot faster. (At least for me, at least in Firefox. Chrome seems to render those pages fast with or without this trick. Also, I have no way of testing it in IE; I'm 95% sure it should work but if an IE user could confirm that'd be great.)

It should also help on slow connections, and I'm thinking it'll also fix this weird issue I've been running into with some icons just not loading on pages with too many icons. (Has anyone else seen that?)

Also, in the process, I fixed a minor bug where male Frillish et al. were being given female icons on battle pages.

EDIT: As for something cute, look at this actual picture of me (100% real).
EDIT 2: Oh yeah I also centered each Pokémon icon within its frame, so tiny Pokémon like Goomy will no longer look like they're way too low compared to whatever text they're supposed to be next to.
EDIT 3: Alright, it looks like the new icon CSS works right at least as far back as IE 10. Woo!
EDIT 4: Wwwwhoops, battle pages were broken for a moment because I forgot to handle shininess there. (Even though I had just finished fixing the Frillish bug on those pages???) Fixed.
EDIT 5: damn this is a lot of edits