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2015 League Championship - Second Round: Hat Trick

Posted 2015 April 04, 04:42.18 UTC by M&F

The second round of the Kalos Open has begun! In this round, trainers will lock horns in Santalune City, where the local boutique's vast selection of hats will guarantee a wider array of possibilities for every entrant in otherwise straightforward, one-on-one combat, with the battlers' very own squads, and with no time limit other than the 5-day DQ period.

Furthermore, the first Late Bracket's battles will also begin now, taking the fresh blood out for a clash between the clouds -- a Sky Battle. It's time for fliers and hoverers to shine!

If you're eager to see who you were matched up against, check the post for the round. Be sure to prepare your active squad for your corresponding event -- next Friday, the battles should be ready to pop.