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ASB 2020

Posted 2020 March 31, 17:25.57 UTC by Trinket

Hello! There's still a trickle of ASB activity, so I figured I'd post a quick update:

ASBdb update 2019 + ASB Telegram group!

Posted 2019 May 04, 21:08.45 UTC by Trinket

SO yeah let me know if anything's off, that last one especially may have had some effects I didn't catch. Hopefully not? But maybe.

ALSO there is... an ASB Telegram group! There are already twelve of us there, come hang out???

Gift Exchange 2017

Posted 2017 December 25, 14:47.24 UTC by Negrek

The annual ASB gift exchange is back! From now until January 1st, use the gift feature to send presents to your ASB friends. If you aren't sure what to get someone, check out the Gift Exchange thread to see if they've posted any gifts.

Happy holidays, and here's to 2018. Look forward to some fun new ASB events coming in January!

Ultra Sun/Moon update

Posted 2017 December 05, 21:36.50 UTC by Trinket

Ultra Sun/Moon stuff is (a little belatedly) in the db! Beware minor spoilers!

EDIT: Alright, all the sprites should be in!

ASB Halloween Mafia

Posted 2017 November 10, 06:28.32 UTC by Negrek

It's been awhile, but I thought this year we'd have another ASB Halloween Mafia game! Participate to earn some rare candy--win to earn even more!

Item/money evo crash fix

Posted 2017 March 06, 23:48.49 UTC by Trinket

Hi apparently I missed some stuff when I changed the evolution system to support Alola Forms and so item and money evos were crashing. That should be fixed now.

ASBdb changelog, December 13

Posted 2016 December 13, 07:10.08 UTC by Trinket

I just updated evolution stuff, finally! Separate methods for Alola Forms are working, too.

Also, older stuff I never posted here:

Sun/Moon update?

Posted 2016 November 12, 18:52.55 UTC by Trinket

Hello! I'm trying to gauge people's interest in ASB updating for Sun/Moon, so I posted a poll on the forums!

Server upgrade

Posted 2016 September 17, 03:56.19 UTC by Trinket

I upgraded the server to Ubuntu 16.04 and had to update a bunch of ASBdb stuff to get it running again. Everything should be good now, but if anything breaks, let me know!

#Pokemon20 Promo

Posted 2016 February 28, 02:34.28 UTC by Trinket

Slightly late for some time zones, but to celebrate twenty years of Pokémon, everyone gets one free Kanto Pokémon (or corresponding baby) with its hidden ability! You have until the end of March to pick it up.

Happy Pokémon day!

dancing Red/Green Omastar dancing Red/Blue Omastar

ASB Awards 2015: Results in!

Posted 2016 January 30, 19:21.53 UTC by M&F

You've cast your votes, and now, it's finally time to see who are the winners. Check out the ASB Awards thread, and you'll find them in bold.

Not coincidentally, today is also the day that marks one year since we've relaunched. All things considered, it's been a great year of ASB; thank you all for making it so, and let's make another great year from here until the next ceremony!

ASB Awards 2015: Voting Phase!

Posted 2016 January 15, 23:05.05 UTC by M&F

The nominations for the amazing ASB Awards flew in by the many, but now, the time has come for the true winners to emerge between them. The choice may often be difficult, but the extravaganza will be worth the while.

Make your vote known until the 30th of January -- that day, we will celebrate both the award winners and a whole year since the return of ASB.

Also, pup.

ASB Awards 2015: Nominations Open!

Posted 2016 January 01, 06:11.19 UTC by M&F

Happy new year, ASBers! We're starting 2016 strong with the amazing ASB Awards. It's a fine time to look back on the last year and think of what made it a great ASB year (I mean, besides the fact that it was finally an ASB year).

Pick your prospective winners, and keep an eye for the voting stage, which will be in the 15th this month. Let the festivities begin!

(ps: eifie I will add puppies when I'm not stringing this whole thing together on freaking mobile don't post them yourself yet)


Posted 2015 December 25, 02:24.25 UTC by Trinket

It's Christmas (according to UTC, anyway) and you can now receive your gifts! I finished the "receiving" half of the gifts feature literally ten minutes ago so as usual, If Anything Breaks, Let Me Know. You can also still give gifts; for the moment, they're still hardcoded to appear on Christmas, so they'll show up right away.

My brother just arrived at the door from Toronto when nobody was expecting him to make it so I'm gonna go do family stuff but have a good 25th of December, whatever that may mean for you!

look at these puppies!!!

Posted 2015 December 23, 18:27.42 UTC by Eifie


2015 ASB gift exchange

Posted 2015 December 21, 04:36.24 UTC by Trinket

I went back and revisited the half-finished trading code I abandoned back in, like, March, and got it finished enough to use for Christmas gifts! There's a "Gifts" link in the menu bar, between "Bank" and "Settings". It's a little clunky, being the ASBdb's most complicated feature yet (and not really being 100% done), so my usual "if anything blows up, let me know" applies more so than usual.

A related thread on the forums is coming shortly (i.e. I just realized I have no idea what else to say and I'm going to go bug Metallica Fanboy).

EDIT: See the thread in ASB Central for more details.

ASBdb changelog, November 23

Posted 2015 November 23, 05:42.13 UTC by Trinket

Small update. Move/ability/item effects now have a separate field for "notes", so when mods make random edge case rulings there's somewhere to stick them without having to worry about cluttering the flavour text.

Mods: it uses the exact same syntax as everything else. In particular, bullet points are literally just bullet points:

- thing
- another thing

results in

Also, I went through all the CSS and fixed all the text that was like, two pixels out of alignment. If I broke anything that I didn't think to check, let me know.

ASB Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2015 [finished]

Posted 2015 November 02, 05:46.27 UTC by ultraviolet

The Halloween Scavenger Hunt is over! If you participated, make sure you head over to the prizes thread to turn in your Candy Cornn! The ASB Staff need it for... reasons...

We're not entirely sure how this happened, but the Old Chateau has mysteriously appeared near Central Asber. The Old Chateau is open for exploration, so hopefully we can uncover some clues as to why it's appeared here. You should probably go check it out.

Happy Halloween!

ASBdb changelog, October 3

Posted 2015 October 04, 01:24.36 UTC by Eifie

Evolution exp and happiness cost overhauls have now been implemented as discussed in this thread, though the numbers have been tweaked a bit. Meursault's Slowpoke can now evolve with only three exp, so everyone should be thrilled.

Some other miscellaneous updates:

2015 League Championship - Quarterfinals: Uncanniness at the Valley

Posted 2015 October 01, 21:59.16 UTC by M&F

The Kalos Open is steadily reaching its final stages: the quarterfinals are now at hand. The few remaining trainers gather at the scenic Route 19 to battle atop its great bridge -- in the company of none other than Psychic Inver, whose power warps all relations of type effectiveness to form the unique Inverse Battle mode!

As usual, you can check the prizes at stake and the opponent you'll face in the round post. The battles will begin next Thursday at the earliest, and possibly a few days later -- either way, be sure to pay extra attention to your active squad this time around!

Signature moves and attributes are back!

Posted 2015 September 07, 15:13.05 UTC by Eifie


Signature stuff has not yet been implemented in the database, so for now you will have to manually write up your posts, and approved moves and attributes will be kept track of in a separate post. Hopefully they will be part of the database soon!

It may be necessary to limit players to one move and one attribute pending approval at a time, depending on the volume of approval requests that are made. For now, though, you're free to submit all the stuff you've had waiting. Old signature moves and attributes will need to be resubmitted for approval, and I will have a list of the old stuff edited into this post soon.

Here are some budgies celebrating the news.

budgies riding a toy train

Looking for Signature Attribute/Move Approvers!

Posted 2015 August 22, 16:26.27 UTC by Eifie

While long overdue, signature stuff is planned to be coming back Soon™ (whether initially supported by the database or not), and we will have great need of people to help critique submissions for signature moves and attributes, particularly in the initial rush when they're brought back. If you're interested, please send a PM to me (Eifie), saying so. Once we assess the interest you will be sent a test of some sample things to critique, and we'll go from there.

There will be pay for this position, which we will figure out at some point.

To inspire you to apply, here's a Poochyena with its signature move of Swablu Maul:

puppy attacking a Swablu

ASBdb changelog, August 2: shinies!!

Posted 2015 August 03, 03:16.46 UTC by Trinket

You can now make your Pokémon shiny! You can retcon whether or not your Pokémon is shiny at any time on the Pokémon edit page (the same page where you change their name).

The shiny icon edits are from msikma's "pokesprite" repository; credit's in the footer too. I'll package all the shiny sprites up and send them off to Butterfree to get them in the forums' sprite BBCode.

Relatedly, the Pokémon icons are now all one image, which is cropped to individual icons using CSS. This makes pages with a lot of icons, like the Pokémon and Pokémon species lists, render a looooot faster. (At least for me, at least in Firefox. Chrome seems to render those pages fast with or without this trick. Also, I have no way of testing it in IE; I'm 95% sure it should work but if an IE user could confirm that'd be great.)

It should also help on slow connections, and I'm thinking it'll also fix this weird issue I've been running into with some icons just not loading on pages with too many icons. (Has anyone else seen that?)

Also, in the process, I fixed a minor bug where male Frillish et al. were being given female icons on battle pages.

EDIT: As for something cute, look at this actual picture of me (100% real).
EDIT 2: Oh yeah I also centered each Pokémon icon within its frame, so tiny Pokémon like Goomy will no longer look like they're way too low compared to whatever text they're supposed to be next to.
EDIT 3: Alright, it looks like the new icon CSS works right at least as far back as IE 10. Woo!
EDIT 4: Wwwwhoops, battle pages were broken for a moment because I forgot to handle shininess there. (Even though I had just finished fixing the Frillish bug on those pages???) Fixed.
EDIT 5: damn this is a lot of edits

Six Month Anniversary Promo!

Posted 2015 July 30, 02:50.42 UTC by Eifie

On January 30th ASB was revived... and on July 30th, researchers of Asber discovered a special egg with the potential to hatch into any of the starters from generations I-IV with its hidden ability unlocked. :O Mysterious! Claim yours here by August 30th!

I cannot believe Zhorken thinks she could possibly compete with my arsenal of cute things. Vote Eifie for Cuteness Master 2015.

budgie riding on a tennis ball

ASBdb changelog, July 19

Posted 2015 July 19, 21:35.43 UTC by Trinket

EDIT: Also apparently the cool thing to do is to include something cute with these updates so here is a Goodra doodle (a Goodle) I made the other day, entitled tfw.

A Goodra that has gone flump

2015 League Championship - Third Round!

Posted 2015 June 29, 12:01.52 UTC by Eifie

At long last, the details for the third round of the Kalos Open have been posted! The round will be taking place in Shalour City, Outside the Battle Arena-style, with a small twist. The second and final late bracket is also ready to go, with contestants renting Fairy-type Pokémon from some gym leader I have no idea about because I haven't played X/Y! Excitement!

Round details, including this round's matchups, are posted here. Battles will be starting on Sunday, July 5th, so get your active squads ready!

2015 League Championship - Late bracket II open!

Posted 2015 May 17, 23:13.24 UTC by M&F

Have you been longingly staring at Kalos Open, ASB's 2015 tournament? You might just have a chance -- the tournament will now be taking its last batch of additional trainers! They'll battle in a separate bracket as soon as the third round begins, and the winners will participate in the rest of the tournament from there ownards. More will be released as the time for the battle approaches. If you were hoping to get into the tournament, don't miss this last opportunity!

Battle histories now shown on profiles

Posted 2015 May 10, 03:31.31 UTC by Eifie

I did something useful! You can now see a list of all a trainer's current and past battles on their profile, with very basic win, loss, and draw counts. It doesn't show battles that a trainer's reffed yet, but that's coming up at some point, along with actual interesting statistics.

In other relevant news, here is a kitten stealing a pancake:

kitten stealing a pancake

kitten stealing a pancake

ASBdb changelog, May 2 (plus general dev update)

Posted 2015 May 03, 03:14.38 UTC by Trinket

I also made a bunch of backend changes to make working on this thing easier, and gave myself a few more admin bits (like the ability to move items between trainers). You can probably mostly expect more smallish changes and backend stuff for the rest of May; a bunch of smallish stuff has been building up, and it's been nearly two years since I started building this thing and it could use some cleanup.

I had trading like 80% done, but all that progress is built on a copy of the ASBdb that's several months out of date, and I don't know how much work it would take to get it to work on the current ASBdb. I've also been reluctant to do much of anything else because I keep feeling like I should work on trading. It might be easier just to scrap it and start again some other time. There's little enough trading going on that I can keep up with it manually for now.

Several energy costs updated

Posted 2015 May 03, 01:57.08 UTC by Eifie

Look at me, posting an actual update of substance!

If you look at the moves section, you'll notice that the energy costs of several non-damaging moves have been updated to more accurately reflect the Damage and Energy Guide. Mostly it's things that just had a default 3% energy cost stuck in there, which have now been categorized properly into short-duration and long-duration. There are a few outliers left, but for the most part numbers are now less weird.

And now, here is an inspiring bird. Go forth and conquer life.


2015 League Championship - Second Round: Hat Trick

Posted 2015 April 04, 04:42.18 UTC by M&F

The second round of the Kalos Open has begun! In this round, trainers will lock horns in Santalune City, where the local boutique's vast selection of hats will guarantee a wider array of possibilities for every entrant in otherwise straightforward, one-on-one combat, with the battlers' very own squads, and with no time limit other than the 5-day DQ period.

Furthermore, the first Late Bracket's battles will also begin now, taking the fresh blood out for a clash between the clouds -- a Sky Battle. It's time for fliers and hoverers to shine!

If you're eager to see who you were matched up against, check the post for the round. Be sure to prepare your active squad for your corresponding event -- next Friday, the battles should be ready to pop.

ASBdb changelog, March 31

Posted 2015 April 01, 02:01.55 UTC by Trinket

I actually pushed the first two a few days ago, so you may have already noticed them:

EDIT: OH I forgot some older stuff that I never pointed out:

After an exhausting week in Asber

Posted 2015 March 23, 02:24.47 UTC by Eifie

here is a dog who loves you very much


Bank overhaul

Posted 2015 March 12, 03:24.35 UTC by Trinket

Okay, let's see:

I thiiiink that's it? If I remember something else I did I'll add it to this list.

First round tournament prize Pokémon

Posted 2015 March 10, 03:14.40 UTC by Trinket

I've distributed all the consolation prize Pokémon for battles that have finished so far. They should appear at the top of Buy Pokémon, like promos. I'll be keeping an eye on the rest of the battles so I can distribute Pokémon as they finish, but if one escapes my notice or something, feel free to ping me about it!

2015 League Championship - Late bracket open!

Posted 2015 March 08, 02:46.25 UTC by M&F

Missed the registration window for Kalos Open, ASB's 2015 tournament? Never worry -- the tournament will now be taking on six more trainers! They'll battle in a separate bracket while the second round goes on (although that one is actually still a few ways away from beginning), and then the winners will join into the remainder of the tournament. More will be released as the time for the battle approaches. If you were hoping to join the tournament but couldn't before, there's a chance now!

Bank PSA

Posted 2015 March 07, 17:44.16 UTC by Trinket

Pretty much the only thing you need to claim in the bank is reffings. Tournament prizes, too, but only for the time being.

The db automatically hands out prizes (including the ref's end-of-battle prize) when you close a battle; and when you send someone money, I transfer it over myself. (Pretty soon you'll be able to do that on your own. Also, for the record, if you wanted to subtract money you'd have to enter a negative number, which is confusing and I don't know why I made it that way.)

When I made the bank I thought a lot more stuff would be going through it, which is why I just made a generic form and labelled it Deposit/Withdraw. Improving the bank is on my big list of stuff to do.

Item Changes

Posted 2015 March 03, 19:08.20 UTC by shy ♡

Small edits to the following items:

ASBdb changelog, February 23

Posted 2015 February 24, 00:08.59 UTC by Trinket

A couple small fixes to get back into the swing of things:

Also a reminder that the Kalos Promo is ending soon!

____________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

Posted 2015 February 15, 03:18.19 UTC by Eifie

I can post an update too, but I wonder if I can delete it after

edit: I couldn't

Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted 2015 February 14, 23:29.00 UTC by Mai

As a celebration, for the next week everyone will be able to buy a hidden ability luvdisc for $3! Enjoy the holiday with discs of chocolate and true luv.

ASBdb changelog, February 12

Posted 2015 February 12, 18:35.28 UTC by Trinket

News system

Posted 2015 February 09, 17:59.57 UTC by Trinket

I made a news system! Now whenever I add shiny new stuff to the Database, I can post about it! Woo!

For example, as you may have noticed, I added a bunch of type-related stuff yesterday. There's a type chart and type pages and type matchups on species and move pages.

Mods: you should all be able to post news too. It uses Markdown, like flavour text. (There's already a Markdown library for Python, whereas supporting BBCode would involve writing my own BBCode parser, which is more complicated than it might sound.)

(I figured news would be more visible here rather than having a thread on the forums or something, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that the main motivation for adding news here is that the ASBdb is the most impressive project on my résumé but the front page was kind of bare.)