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Base power rises by 20 for each of the user's positive stat stages.


The user draws on all the power that has gone into buffing it up for battle and uses it to fuel a mighty psychic attack. This attack's base power is 20 plus 20 more for each level any of the user's stats have been raised, to a maximum of +6 in all stats (a total of 30 levels, for a base power of 620).


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Cleffa Fairy Cute Charm Magic Guard Friend Guard 15
Clefairy Fairy Cute Charm Magic Guard Friend Guard 35
Clefable Fairy Cute Charm Magic Guard Unaware 60
Eevee Normal Run Away Adaptability Anticipation 55
Vaporeon Water Water Absorb Water Absorb Hydration 65
Jolteon Electric Volt Absorb Volt Absorb Quick Feet 130
Flareon Fire Flash Fire Flash Fire Guts 65
Espeon Psychic Synchronize Synchronize Magic Bounce 110
Umbreon Dark Synchronize Synchronize Inner Focus 65
Leafeon Grass Leaf Guard Leaf Guard Chlorophyll 95
Glaceon Ice Snow Cloak Snow Cloak Ice Body 65
Sylveon Fairy Cute Charm Cute Charm Pixilate 60
Togepi Fairy Hustle Serene Grace Super Luck 20
Togetic FairyFlying Hustle Serene Grace Super Luck 40
Togekiss FairyFlying Hustle Serene Grace Super Luck 80
Natu PsychicFlying Synchronize Early Bird Magic Bounce 70
Xatu PsychicFlying Synchronize Early Bird Magic Bounce 95
Ralts PsychicFairy Synchronize Trace Telepathy 40
Kirlia PsychicFairy Synchronize Trace Telepathy 50
Gardevoir PsychicFairy Synchronize Trace Telepathy 80
Mega Gardevoir PsychicFairy Pixilate Pixilate Pixilate 100
Gallade PsychicFighting Steadfast Steadfast Justified 80
Mega Gallade PsychicFighting Inner Focus Inner Focus Inner Focus 110
Chingling Psychic Levitate 45
Chimecho Psychic Levitate 65
Latias DragonPsychic Levitate 110
Mega Latias DragonPsychic Levitate 110
Latios DragonPsychic Levitate 110
Mega Latios DragonPsychic Levitate 110
Victini PsychicFire Victory Star 100
Munna Psychic Forewarn Synchronize Telepathy 24
Musharna Psychic Forewarn Synchronize Telepathy 29
Woobat PsychicFlying Unaware Klutz Simple 72
Swoobat PsychicFlying Unaware Klutz Simple 114
Sigilyph PsychicFlying Wonder Skin Magic Guard Tinted Lens 97
Female Meowstic Psychic Keen Eye Infiltrator Competitive 104
Oranguru NormalPsychic Inner Focus Telepathy Symbiosis 60
Necrozma Psychic Prism Armor 79
Dusk Mane Necrozma PsychicSteel Prism Armor 77
Dawn Wings Necrozma PsychicGhost Prism Armor 77
Ultra Necrozma PsychicDragon Neuroforce 129
Blacephalon FireGhost Beast Boost 107