The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Base energy


Makes the target act last this action.


The user looms over its opponent, using dark energy to make itself all the more intimidating and making clear in no uncertain terms just what will happen to it if it even thinks of trying to attack. The target, thoroughly cowed, will be too nervous to do anything but attack last in this action, regardless of normal Speed or attack priority.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Alolan Rattata DarkNormal Gluttony Hustle Thick Fat 72
Alolan Raticate DarkNormal Gluttony Hustle Thick Fat 77
Nidoqueen PoisonGround Poison Point Rivalry Sheer Force 76
Nidoking PoisonGround Poison Point Rivalry Sheer Force 85
Alolan Meowth Dark Pickup Technician Rattled 90
Alolan Persian Dark Fur Coat Technician Rattled 115
Slowking WaterPsychic Oblivious Own Tempo Regenerator 30
Alolan Grimer PoisonDark Poison Touch Gluttony Power of Alchemy 25
Alolan Muk PoisonDark Poison Touch Gluttony Power of Alchemy 50
Kingler Water Hyper Cutter Shell Armor Sheer Force 75
Kingdra WaterDragon Swift Swim Sniper Damp 85
Mew Psychic Synchronize 100
Murkrow DarkFlying Insomnia Super Luck Prankster 91
Honchkrow DarkFlying Insomnia Super Luck Moxie 71
Raikou Electric Pressure Inner Focus 115
Entei Fire Pressure Inner Focus 100
Suicune Water Pressure Inner Focus 85
Slaking Normal Truant 100
Sableye DarkGhost Keen Eye Stall Prankster 50
Mega Sableye DarkGhost Magic Bounce Magic Bounce Magic Bounce 20
Piplup Water Torrent Defiant 40
Prinplup Water Torrent Defiant 50
Empoleon WaterSteel Torrent Defiant 60
Vespiquen BugFlying Pressure Unnerve 40
Spiritomb GhostDark Pressure Infiltrator 35
Arceus Normal Multitype 120
Pancham Fighting Iron Fist Mold Breaker Scrappy 43
Pangoro FightingDark Iron Fist Mold Breaker Scrappy 58
Hoopa Confined PsychicGhost Magician 70
Hoopa Unbound PsychicDark Magician 80
Incineroar FireDark Blaze Intimidate 60
Baile Oricorio FireFlying Dancer 93
Pom-Pom Oricorio ElectricFlying Dancer 93
Pa'u Oricorio PsychicFlying Dancer 93
Sensu Oricorio GhostFlying Dancer 93
Oranguru NormalPsychic Inner Focus Telepathy Symbiosis 60
Palossand GhostGround Water Compaction Sand Veil 35
Pyukumuku Water Innards Out Unaware 5
Komala Normal Comatose 65
Blacephalon FireGhost Beast Boost 107