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Lowers the user's Special Attack by two stages.


The user heats its body to an extreme temperature, then unleashes a huge curtain of white-hot fire at the opponent, engulfing them with searing energy. Although potent, this attack is very draining and considerably lowers the Special Attack power of the Pokémon that unleashes it until it is able to rest and recover its composure.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Charmander Fire Blaze Solar Power 65
Charmeleon Fire Blaze Solar Power 80
Charizard FireFlying Blaze Solar Power 100
Mega Charizard X FireDragon Tough Claws Tough Claws 100
Mega Charizard Y FireFlying Drought Drought 100
Vulpix Fire Flash Fire Drought 65
Ninetales Fire Flash Fire Drought 100
Mankey Fighting Vital Spirit Anger Point Defiant 70
Primeape Fighting Vital Spirit Anger Point Defiant 95
Growlithe Fire Intimidate Flash Fire Justified 60
Arcanine Fire Intimidate Flash Fire Justified 95
Ponyta Fire Run Away Flash Fire Flame Body 90
Rapidash Fire Run Away Flash Fire Flame Body 105
Magby Fire Flame Body Vital Spirit 83
Magmar Fire Flame Body Vital Spirit 93
Magmortar Fire Flame Body Vital Spirit 83
Flareon Fire Flash Fire Flash Fire Guts 65
Moltres FireFlying Pressure Flame Body 90
Mew Psychic Synchronize 100
Cyndaquil Fire Blaze Flash Fire 65
Quilava Fire Blaze Flash Fire 80
Typhlosion Fire Blaze Flash Fire 100
Snubbull Fairy Intimidate Run Away Rattled 30
Granbull Fairy Intimidate Quick Feet Rattled 45
Slugma Fire Magma Armor Flame Body Weak Armor 20
Magcargo FireRock Magma Armor Flame Body Weak Armor 30
Houndour DarkFire Early Bird Flash Fire Unnerve 65
Houndoom DarkFire Early Bird Flash Fire Unnerve 95
Mega Houndoom DarkFire Solar Power Solar Power Solar Power 115
Entei Fire Pressure Inner Focus 100
Ho-Oh FireFlying Pressure Regenerator 90
Torchic Fire Blaze Speed Boost 45
Combusken FireFighting Blaze Speed Boost 55
Blaziken FireFighting Blaze Speed Boost 80
Mega Blaziken FireFighting Speed Boost Speed Boost 100
Loudred Normal Soundproof Scrappy 48
Exploud Normal Soundproof Scrappy 68
Manectric Electric Static Lightning Rod Minus 105
Mega Manectric Electric Intimidate Intimidate Intimidate 135
Numel FireGround Oblivious Simple Own Tempo 35
Camerupt FireGround Magma Armor Solid Rock Anger Point 40
Mega Camerupt FireGround Sheer Force Sheer Force Sheer Force 20
Torkoal Fire White Smoke Drought Shell Armor 20
Solrock RockPsychic Levitate 70
Groudon Ground Drought 90
Primal Groudon GroundFire Desolate Land 90
Rayquaza DragonFlying Air Lock 95
Mega Rayquaza DragonFlying Delta Stream 115
Chimchar Fire Blaze Iron Fist 61
Monferno FireFighting Blaze Iron Fist 81
Infernape FireFighting Blaze Iron Fist 108
Heat Rotom ElectricFire Levitate 86
Dialga SteelDragon Pressure Telepathy 90
Heatran FireSteel Flash Fire Flame Body 77
Arceus Normal Multitype 120
Victini PsychicFire Victory Star 100
Tepig Fire Blaze Thick Fat 45
Pignite FireFighting Blaze Thick Fat 55
Emboar FireFighting Blaze Reckless 65
Pansear Fire Gluttony Blaze 64
Simisear Fire Gluttony Blaze 101
Zebstrika Electric Lightning Rod Motor Drive Sap Sipper 116
Darumaka Fire Hustle Inner Focus 50
Standard Darmanitan Fire Sheer Force Zen Mode 95
Zen Darmanitan FirePsychic Sheer Force Zen Mode 55
Litwick GhostFire Flash Fire Flame Body Infiltrator 20
Lampent GhostFire Flash Fire Flame Body Infiltrator 55
Chandelure GhostFire Flash Fire Flame Body Infiltrator 80
Heatmor Fire Gluttony Flash Fire White Smoke 65
Larvesta BugFire Flame Body Swarm 60
Volcarona BugFire Flame Body Swarm 100
Reshiram DragonFire Turboblaze 90
Fennekin Fire Blaze Magician 60
Braixen Fire Blaze Magician 73
Delphox FirePsychic Blaze Magician 104
Fletchling NormalFlying Big Pecks Gale Wings 62
Fletchinder FireFlying Flame Body Gale Wings 84
Talonflame FireFlying Flame Body Gale Wings 126
Litleo FireNormal Rivalry Unnerve Moxie 72
Pyroar FireNormal Rivalry Unnerve Moxie 106
Volcanion FireWater Water Absorb 70
Litten Fire Blaze Intimidate 70
Torracat Fire Blaze Intimidate 90
Incineroar FireDark Blaze Intimidate 60
Toucannon NormalFlying Keen Eye Skill Link Sheer Force 60
Salandit PoisonFire Corrosion Oblivious 77
Salazzle PoisonFire Corrosion Oblivious 117
Turtonator FireDragon Shell Armor 36
Blacephalon FireGhost Beast Boost 107