The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database

Nasty Plot

Base energy

Stolen by Snatch


Raises the user's Special Attack by two stages.


The user schemes industriously, coming up with the most efficient way to attack its opponent and raising its Special Attack considerably in the process.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Pichu Electric Static Lightning Rod 60
Pikachu Electric Static Lightning Rod 90
Raichu Electric Static Lightning Rod 110
Alolan Raichu ElectricPsychic Surge Surfer Surge Surfer 110
Ninetales Fire Flash Fire Drought 100
Alolan Ninetales IceFairy Snow Cloak Snow Warning 109
Zubat PoisonFlying Inner Focus Infiltrator 55
Golbat PoisonFlying Inner Focus Infiltrator 90
Crobat PoisonFlying Inner Focus Infiltrator 130
Meowth Normal Pickup Technician Unnerve 90
Alolan Meowth Dark Pickup Technician Rattled 90
Persian Normal Limber Technician Unnerve 115
Alolan Persian Dark Fur Coat Technician Rattled 115
Slowking WaterPsychic Oblivious Own Tempo Regenerator 30
Drowzee Psychic Insomnia Forewarn Inner Focus 42
Hypno Psychic Insomnia Forewarn Inner Focus 67
Mime Jr. PsychicFairy Soundproof Filter Technician 60
Mr. Mime PsychicFairy Soundproof Filter Technician 90
Smoochum IcePsychic Oblivious Forewarn Hydration 65
Jynx IcePsychic Oblivious Forewarn Dry Skin 95
Porygon-Z Normal Adaptability Download Analytic 90
Mew Psychic Synchronize 100
Togepi Fairy Hustle Serene Grace Super Luck 20
Togetic FairyFlying Hustle Serene Grace Super Luck 40
Togekiss FairyFlying Hustle Serene Grace Super Luck 80
Aipom Normal Run Away Pickup Skill Link 85
Ambipom Normal Technician Pickup Skill Link 115
Honchkrow DarkFlying Insomnia Super Luck Moxie 71
Misdreavus Ghost Levitate 85
Mismagius Ghost Levitate 105
Girafarig NormalPsychic Inner Focus Early Bird Sap Sipper 85
Weavile DarkIce Pressure Pressure Pickpocket 125
Houndour DarkFire Early Bird Flash Fire Unnerve 65
Houndoom DarkFire Early Bird Flash Fire Unnerve 95
Mega Houndoom DarkFire Solar Power Solar Power Solar Power 115
Seedot Grass Chlorophyll Early Bird Pickpocket 30
Nuzleaf GrassDark Chlorophyll Early Bird Pickpocket 60
Shiftry GrassDark Chlorophyll Early Bird Pickpocket 80
Sableye DarkGhost Keen Eye Stall Prankster 50
Mega Sableye DarkGhost Magic Bounce Magic Bounce Magic Bounce 20
Plusle Electric Plus Lightning Rod 95
Minun Electric Minus Volt Absorb 95
Cacnea Grass Sand Veil Water Absorb 35
Cacturne GrassDark Sand Veil Water Absorb 55
Kecleon Normal Color Change Protean 40
Chimchar Fire Blaze Iron Fist 61
Monferno FireFighting Blaze Iron Fist 81
Infernape FireFighting Blaze Iron Fist 108
Chatot NormalFlying Keen Eye Tangled Feet Big Pecks 91
Spiritomb GhostDark Pressure Infiltrator 35
Riolu Fighting Steadfast Inner Focus Prankster 60
Lucario FightingSteel Steadfast Inner Focus Justified 90
Mega Lucario FightingSteel Adaptability Adaptability Adaptability 112
Croagunk PoisonFighting Anticipation Dry Skin Poison Touch 50
Toxicroak PoisonFighting Anticipation Dry Skin Poison Touch 85
Azelf Psychic Levitate 115
Darkrai Dark Bad Dreams 125
Patrat Normal Run Away Keen Eye Analytic 42
Watchog Normal Illuminate Keen Eye Analytic 77
Purrloin Dark Limber Unburden Prankster 66
Liepard Dark Limber Unburden Prankster 106
Pansage Grass Gluttony Overgrow 64
Simisage Grass Gluttony Overgrow 101
Pansear Fire Gluttony Blaze 64
Simisear Fire Gluttony Blaze 101
Panpour Water Gluttony Torrent 64
Simipour Water Gluttony Torrent 101
Yamask Ghost Mummy 30
Cofagrigus Ghost Mummy 30
Zorua Dark Illusion 65
Zoroark Dark Illusion 105
Elgyem Psychic Telepathy Synchronize Analytic 30
Beheeyem Psychic Telepathy Synchronize Analytic 40
Vullaby DarkFlying Big Pecks Overcoat Weak Armor 60
Mandibuzz DarkFlying Big Pecks Overcoat Weak Armor 80
Incarnate Thundurus ElectricFlying Prankster Defiant 111
Therian Thundurus ElectricFlying Volt Absorb Volt Absorb 101
Spritzee Fairy Healer Aroma Veil 23
Aromatisse Fairy Healer Aroma Veil 29
Hoopa Confined PsychicGhost Magician 70
Hoopa Unbound PsychicDark Magician 80
Rowlet GrassFlying Overgrow Long Reach 42
Dartrix GrassFlying Overgrow Long Reach 52
Decidueye GrassGhost Overgrow Long Reach 70
Litten Fire Blaze Intimidate 70
Torracat Fire Blaze Intimidate 90
Incineroar FireDark Blaze Intimidate 60
Salandit PoisonFire Corrosion Oblivious 77
Salazzle PoisonFire Corrosion Oblivious 117
Oranguru NormalPsychic Inner Focus Telepathy Symbiosis 60
Poipole Poison Beast Boost 73
Naganadel PoisonDragon Beast Boost 121