The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database

Mind Reader

Base energy


Ensures that the user's next move against the target will hit.


The user studies the opponent carefully and is able to predict what they will do and where they will be for their next action. The next attack used after a Mind Reader is nearly a guaranteed hit.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Poliwag Water Water Absorb Damp Swift Swim 90
Poliwhirl Water Water Absorb Damp Swift Swim 90
Poliwrath WaterFighting Water Absorb Damp Swift Swim 70
Politoed Water Water Absorb Damp Drizzle 70
Tyrogue Fighting Guts Steadfast Vital Spirit 35
Hitmonlee Fighting Limber Reckless Unburden 87
Hitmonchan Fighting Keen Eye Iron Fist Inner Focus 76
Hitmontop Fighting Intimidate Technician Steadfast 70
Articuno IceFlying Pressure Snow Cloak 85
Surskit BugWater Swift Swim Rain Dish 65
Masquerain BugFlying Intimidate Unnerve 80
Breloom GrassFighting Effect Spore Poison Heal Technician 70
Nincada BugGround Compound Eyes Run Away 40
Ninjask BugFlying Speed Boost Infiltrator 160
Shedinja BugGhost Wonder Guard Wonder Guard 40
Meditite FightingPsychic Pure Power Telepathy 60
Medicham FightingPsychic Pure Power Telepathy 80
Mega Medicham FightingPsychic Pure Power Pure Power 100
Budew GrassPoison Natural Cure Poison Point Leaf Guard 55
Roselia GrassPoison Natural Cure Poison Point Leaf Guard 65
Roserade GrassPoison Natural Cure Poison Point Technician 90
Riolu Fighting Steadfast Inner Focus Prankster 60
Lucario FightingSteel Steadfast Inner Focus Justified 90
Mega Lucario FightingSteel Adaptability Adaptability Adaptability 112
Sewaddle BugGrass Swarm Chlorophyll Overcoat 42
Swadloon BugGrass Leaf Guard Chlorophyll Overcoat 42
Leavanny BugGrass Swarm Chlorophyll Overcoat 92
Shelmet Bug Hydration Shell Armor Overcoat 25
Accelgor Bug Hydration Sticky Hold Unburden 145
Froakie Water Torrent Protean 71
Frogadier Water Torrent Protean 97
Greninja WaterDark Torrent Protean 122
Magearna SteelFairy Soul-Heart 65