The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Base energy

Triggers Rough Skin et al.

Type matchups

Super effective vs
Not very effective vs
Ineffective vs


Has a 20% chance to lower the target's Defense by one stage.


The user drives a powerful limb into the target by propelling it with a forceful blast of water. The soaked edges of the attacking limb have an easy time slashing through thick hides and shells, sometimes enabling this move to lower the target's Defense.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Blastoise Water Torrent Rain Dish 78
Mega Blastoise Water Mega Launcher Mega Launcher 78
Golduck Water Damp Cloud Nine Swift Swim 85
Dewgong WaterIce Thick Fat Hydration Ice Body 70
Shellder Water Shell Armor Skill Link Overcoat 40
Cloyster WaterIce Shell Armor Skill Link Overcoat 70
Krabby Water Hyper Cutter Shell Armor Sheer Force 50
Kingler Water Hyper Cutter Shell Armor Sheer Force 75
Kabutops RockWater Swift Swim Battle Armor Weak Armor 80
Mew Psychic Synchronize 100
Feraligatr Water Torrent Sheer Force 78
Azumarill WaterFairy Thick Fat Huge Power Sap Sipper 50
Qwilfish WaterPoison Poison Point Swift Swim Intimidate 85
Corsola WaterRock Hustle Natural Cure Regenerator 35
Mantine WaterFlying Swift Swim Water Absorb Water Veil 70
Wingull WaterFlying Keen Eye Hydration Rain Dish 85
Pelipper WaterFlying Keen Eye Drizzle Rain Dish 65
Surskit BugWater Swift Swim Rain Dish 65
Masquerain BugFlying Intimidate Unnerve 80
Sharpedo WaterDark Rough Skin Speed Boost 95
Mega Sharpedo WaterDark Strong Jaw Strong Jaw 105
Wailord Water Water Veil Oblivious Pressure 60
Crawdaunt WaterDark Hyper Cutter Shell Armor Adaptability 55
Armaldo RockBug Battle Armor Swift Swim 45
Luvdisc Water Swift Swim Hydration 97
Kyogre Water Drizzle 90
Primal Kyogre Water Primordial Sea 90
Empoleon WaterSteel Torrent Defiant 60
Bibarel NormalWater Simple Unaware Moody 71
Floatzel Water Swift Swim Water Veil 115
Palkia WaterDragon Pressure Telepathy 100
Phione Water Hydration 80
Manaphy Water Hydration 100
Arceus Normal Multitype 120
Samurott Water Torrent Shell Armor 70
Red-Striped Basculin Water Reckless Adaptability Mold Breaker 98
Blue-Striped Basculin Water Rock Head Adaptability Mold Breaker 98
Tirtouga WaterRock Solid Rock Sturdy Swift Swim 22
Carracosta WaterRock Solid Rock Sturdy Swift Swim 32
Ducklett WaterFlying Keen Eye Big Pecks Hydration 55
Swanna WaterFlying Keen Eye Big Pecks Hydration 98
Alomomola Water Healer Hydration Regenerator 65
Keldeo WaterFighting Justified 108
Binacle RockWater Tough Claws Sniper Pickpocket 50
Barbaracle RockWater Tough Claws Sniper Pickpocket 68
Clawitzer Water Mega Launcher 59
Volcanion FireWater Water Absorb 70
Primarina WaterFairy Torrent Liquid Voice 60
Mareanie PoisonWater Merciless Limber Regenerator 45
Toxapex PoisonWater Merciless Limber Regenerator 35
Dewpider WaterBug Water Bubble Water Absorb 27
Araquanid WaterBug Water Bubble Water Absorb 42
Golisopod BugWater Emergency Exit 40
Bruxish WaterPsychic Dazzling Strong Jaw Wonder Skin 92