The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database

Leech Life

Base energy

Triggers Rough Skin et al.

Indirect healing

Restores health gradually or as a side-effect

Type matchups

Super effective vs
Not very effective vs
Ineffective vs


Drains half the damage dealt to heal the user.


The user latches onto the opponent and bites through their flesh. The attacker then drains a small bit of health from the victim, half of which is added to its own. This attack takes more effort (or energy) if the victim in question has tough, rocky or rock-like skin.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Alolan Sandshrew IceSteel Snow Cloak Slush Rush 40
Alolan Sandslash IceSteel Snow Cloak Slush Rush 65
Zubat PoisonFlying Inner Focus Infiltrator 55
Golbat PoisonFlying Inner Focus Infiltrator 90
Crobat PoisonFlying Inner Focus Infiltrator 130
Paras BugGrass Effect Spore Dry Skin Damp 25
Parasect BugGrass Effect Spore Dry Skin Damp 30
Venonat BugPoison Compound Eyes Tinted Lens Run Away 45
Venomoth BugPoison Shield Dust Tinted Lens Wonder Skin 90
Bellsprout GrassPoison Chlorophyll Gluttony 40
Weepinbell GrassPoison Chlorophyll Gluttony 55
Victreebel GrassPoison Chlorophyll Gluttony 70
Mew Psychic Synchronize 100
Spinarak BugPoison Swarm Insomnia Sniper 30
Ariados BugPoison Swarm Insomnia Sniper 40
Yanma BugFlying Speed Boost Compound Eyes Frisk 95
Yanmega BugFlying Speed Boost Tinted Lens Frisk 95
Nincada BugGround Compound Eyes Run Away 40
Ninjask BugFlying Speed Boost Infiltrator 160
Shedinja BugGhost Wonder Guard Wonder Guard 40
Kricketune Bug Swarm Technician 65
Joltik BugElectric Compound Eyes Unnerve Swarm 65
Galvantula BugElectric Compound Eyes Unnerve Swarm 108
Shelmet Bug Hydration Shell Armor Overcoat 25
Accelgor Bug Hydration Sticky Hold Unburden 145
Larvesta BugFire Flame Body Swarm 60
Volcarona BugFire Flame Body Swarm 100
Noibat FlyingDragon Frisk Infiltrator Telepathy 55
Noivern FlyingDragon Frisk Infiltrator Telepathy 123
Litten Fire Blaze Intimidate 70
Torracat Fire Blaze Intimidate 90
Incineroar FireDark Blaze Intimidate 60
Cutiefly BugFairy Honey Gather Shield Dust Sweet Veil 84
Ribombee BugFairy Honey Gather Shield Dust Sweet Veil 124
Dewpider WaterBug Water Bubble Water Absorb 27
Araquanid WaterBug Water Bubble Water Absorb 42
Fomantis Grass Leaf Guard Contrary 35
Lurantis Grass Leaf Guard Contrary 45
Salandit PoisonFire Corrosion Oblivious 77
Salazzle PoisonFire Corrosion Oblivious 117
Wimpod BugWater Wimp Out 80
Golisopod BugWater Emergency Exit 40
Mimikyu GhostFairy Disguise 96
Buzzwole BugFighting Beast Boost 79
Naganadel PoisonDragon Beast Boost 121