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Leaf Storm

Base energy

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Lowers the user's Special Attack by two stages.


The user surrounds the foe in a whirlwind of pure Grass-type energy and blowing leaves, pummeling them with natural power. This attack is very draining to use, however, and as a result the user's Special Attack decreases sharply after its use until the user is able to rest and regain its strength.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Bulbasaur GrassPoison Overgrow Chlorophyll 45
Ivysaur GrassPoison Overgrow Chlorophyll 60
Venusaur GrassPoison Overgrow Chlorophyll 80
Mega Venusaur GrassPoison Thick Fat Thick Fat 80
Bellossom Grass Chlorophyll Healer 50
Victreebel GrassPoison Chlorophyll Gluttony 70
Exeggcute GrassPsychic Chlorophyll Harvest 40
Exeggutor GrassPsychic Chlorophyll Harvest 55
Alolan Exeggutor GrassDragon Frisk Harvest 45
Tangela Grass Chlorophyll Leaf Guard Regenerator 60
Tangrowth Grass Chlorophyll Leaf Guard Regenerator 50
Chikorita Grass Overgrow Leaf Guard 45
Bayleef Grass Overgrow Leaf Guard 60
Meganium Grass Overgrow Leaf Guard 80
Sunflora Grass Chlorophyll Solar Power Early Bird 30
Celebi PsychicGrass Natural Cure 100
Treecko Grass Overgrow Unburden 70
Grovyle Grass Overgrow Unburden 95
Sceptile Grass Overgrow Unburden 120
Mega Sceptile GrassDragon Lightning Rod Lightning Rod 145
Shiftry GrassDark Chlorophyll Early Bird Pickpocket 80
Budew GrassPoison Natural Cure Poison Point Leaf Guard 55
Roselia GrassPoison Natural Cure Poison Point Leaf Guard 65
Roserade GrassPoison Natural Cure Poison Point Technician 90
Tropius GrassFlying Chlorophyll Solar Power Harvest 51
Turtwig Grass Overgrow Shell Armor 31
Grotle Grass Overgrow Shell Armor 36
Torterra GrassGround Overgrow Shell Armor 56
Plant Wormadam BugGrass Anticipation Overcoat 36
Mow Rotom ElectricGrass Levitate 86
Land Shaymin Grass Natural Cure 100
Sky Shaymin GrassFlying Serene Grace 127
Snivy Grass Overgrow Contrary 63
Servine Grass Overgrow Contrary 83
Serperior Grass Overgrow Contrary 113
Pansage Grass Gluttony Overgrow 64
Simisage Grass Gluttony Overgrow 101
Leavanny BugGrass Swarm Chlorophyll Overcoat 92
Petilil Grass Chlorophyll Own Tempo Leaf Guard 30
Lilligant Grass Chlorophyll Own Tempo Leaf Guard 90
Decidueye GrassGhost Overgrow Long Reach 70
Fomantis Grass Leaf Guard Contrary 35
Lurantis Grass Leaf Guard Contrary 45
Steenee Grass Leaf Guard Oblivious Sweet Veil 62
Tsareena Grass Leaf Guard Queenly Majesty Sweet Veil 72