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Hyper Beam

Base energy

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Requires an action to recharge. Can be used in one action for 3% extra energy.


When charging this attack, the user forms a ball of orange-yellow light. Once the ball grows to roughly the size of a basketball, it turns into a brilliant beam of energy that tears across the arena to strike its target with a huge amount of force. However, this move consumes an incredible amount of energy in very little time.


When this attack is used within a single action, some referees will make it so it still will only cause damage after charging somewhat; this can cause the attack to go off at a lower priority, or as the last move within its priority bracket.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Venusaur GrassPoison Overgrow Chlorophyll 80
Mega Venusaur GrassPoison Thick Fat Thick Fat 80
Charizard FireFlying Blaze Solar Power 100
Mega Charizard X FireDragon Tough Claws Tough Claws 100
Mega Charizard Y FireFlying Drought Drought 100
Blastoise Water Torrent Rain Dish 78
Mega Blastoise Water Mega Launcher Mega Launcher 78
Butterfree BugFlying Compound Eyes Tinted Lens 70
Beedrill BugPoison Swarm Sniper 75
Mega Beedrill BugPoison Adaptability Adaptability 145
Pidgeot NormalFlying Keen Eye Tangled Feet Big Pecks 101
Mega Pidgeot NormalFlying No Guard No Guard No Guard 121
Raticate Normal Run Away Guts Hustle 97
Alolan Raticate DarkNormal Gluttony Hustle Thick Fat 77
Fearow NormalFlying Keen Eye Sniper 100
Arbok Poison Intimidate Shed Skin Unnerve 80
Raichu Electric Static Lightning Rod 110
Alolan Raichu ElectricPsychic Surge Surfer Surge Surfer 110
Sandslash Ground Sand Veil Sand Rush 65
Alolan Sandslash IceSteel Snow Cloak Slush Rush 65
Nidoqueen PoisonGround Poison Point Rivalry Sheer Force 76
Nidoking PoisonGround Poison Point Rivalry Sheer Force 85
Clefable Fairy Cute Charm Magic Guard Unaware 60
Ninetales Fire Flash Fire Drought 100
Alolan Ninetales IceFairy Snow Cloak Snow Warning 109
Wigglytuff NormalFairy Cute Charm Competitive Frisk 45
Golbat PoisonFlying Inner Focus Infiltrator 90
Crobat PoisonFlying Inner Focus Infiltrator 130
Vileplume GrassPoison Chlorophyll Effect Spore 50
Bellossom Grass Chlorophyll Healer 50
Parasect BugGrass Effect Spore Dry Skin Damp 30
Venomoth BugPoison Shield Dust Tinted Lens Wonder Skin 90
Dugtrio Ground Sand Veil Arena Trap Sand Force 120
Alolan Dugtrio GroundSteel Sand Veil Tangling Hair Sand Force 110
Persian Normal Limber Technician Unnerve 115
Alolan Persian Dark Fur Coat Technician Rattled 115
Golduck Water Damp Cloud Nine Swift Swim 85
Primeape Fighting Vital Spirit Anger Point Defiant 95
Arcanine Fire Intimidate Flash Fire Justified 95
Poliwrath WaterFighting Water Absorb Damp Swift Swim 70
Politoed Water Water Absorb Damp Drizzle 70
Alakazam Psychic Synchronize Inner Focus Magic Guard 120
Mega Alakazam Psychic Trace Trace Trace 150
Machamp Fighting Guts No Guard Steadfast 55
Victreebel GrassPoison Chlorophyll Gluttony 70
Tentacruel WaterPoison Clear Body Liquid Ooze Rain Dish 100
Golem RockGround Rock Head Sturdy Sand Veil 45
Alolan Golem RockElectric Magnet Pull Sturdy Galvanize 45
Rapidash Fire Run Away Flash Fire Flame Body 105
Slowbro WaterPsychic Oblivious Own Tempo Regenerator 30
Mega Slowbro WaterPsychic Shell Armor Shell Armor Shell Armor 30
Slowking WaterPsychic Oblivious Own Tempo Regenerator 30
Magneton ElectricSteel Magnet Pull Sturdy Analytic 70
Magnezone ElectricSteel Magnet Pull Sturdy Analytic 60
Dodrio NormalFlying Run Away Early Bird Tangled Feet 110
Dewgong WaterIce Thick Fat Hydration Ice Body 70
Muk Poison Stench Sticky Hold Poison Touch 50
Alolan Muk PoisonDark Poison Touch Gluttony Power of Alchemy 50
Cloyster WaterIce Shell Armor Skill Link Overcoat 70
Gengar GhostPoison Cursed Body 110
Mega Gengar GhostPoison Shadow Tag 130
Steelix SteelGround Rock Head Sturdy Sheer Force 30
Mega Steelix SteelGround Sand Force Sand Force Sand Force 30
Hypno Psychic Insomnia Forewarn Inner Focus 67
Kingler Water Hyper Cutter Shell Armor Sheer Force 75
Electrode Electric Soundproof Static Aftermath 150
Exeggutor GrassPsychic Chlorophyll Harvest 55
Alolan Exeggutor GrassDragon Frisk Harvest 45
Marowak Ground Rock Head Lightning Rod Battle Armor 45
Alolan Marowak FireGhost Cursed Body Lightning Rod Rock Head 45
Lickitung Normal Own Tempo Oblivious Cloud Nine 30
Lickilicky Normal Own Tempo Oblivious Cloud Nine 50
Weezing Poison Levitate 60
Rhydon GroundRock Lightning Rod Rock Head Reckless 40
Rhyperior GroundRock Lightning Rod Solid Rock Reckless 40
Chansey Normal Natural Cure Serene Grace Healer 50
Blissey Normal Natural Cure Serene Grace Healer 55
Tangela Grass Chlorophyll Leaf Guard Regenerator 60
Tangrowth Grass Chlorophyll Leaf Guard Regenerator 50
Kangaskhan Normal Early Bird Scrappy Inner Focus 90
Mega Kangaskhan Normal Parental Bond Parental Bond Parental Bond 100
Seadra Water Poison Point Sniper Damp 85
Kingdra WaterDragon Swift Swim Sniper Damp 85
Seaking Water Swift Swim Water Veil Lightning Rod 68
Starmie WaterPsychic Illuminate Natural Cure Analytic 115
Mr. Mime PsychicFairy Soundproof Filter Technician 90
Scyther BugFlying Swarm Technician Steadfast 105
Scizor BugSteel Swarm Technician Light Metal 65
Mega Scizor BugSteel Technician Technician Technician 75
Jynx IcePsychic Oblivious Forewarn Dry Skin 95
Electabuzz Electric Static Vital Spirit 105
Electivire Electric Motor Drive Vital Spirit 95
Magmar Fire Flame Body Vital Spirit 93
Magmortar Fire Flame Body Vital Spirit 83
Pinsir Bug Hyper Cutter Mold Breaker Moxie 85
Mega Pinsir BugFlying Aerilate Aerilate Aerilate 105
Tauros Normal Intimidate Anger Point Sheer Force 110
Gyarados WaterFlying Intimidate Moxie 81
Mega Gyarados WaterDark Mold Breaker Mold Breaker 81
Lapras WaterIce Water Absorb Shell Armor Hydration 60
Vaporeon Water Water Absorb Water Absorb Hydration 65
Jolteon Electric Volt Absorb Volt Absorb Quick Feet 130
Flareon Fire Flash Fire Flash Fire Guts 65
Espeon Psychic Synchronize Synchronize Magic Bounce 110
Umbreon Dark Synchronize Synchronize Inner Focus 65
Leafeon Grass Leaf Guard Leaf Guard Chlorophyll 95
Glaceon Ice Snow Cloak Snow Cloak Ice Body 65
Sylveon Fairy Cute Charm Cute Charm Pixilate 60
Porygon Normal Trace Download Analytic 40
Porygon2 Normal Trace Download Analytic 60
Porygon-Z Normal Adaptability Download Analytic 90
Omastar RockWater Swift Swim Shell Armor Weak Armor 55
Kabutops RockWater Swift Swim Battle Armor Weak Armor 80
Aerodactyl RockFlying Rock Head Pressure Unnerve 130
Mega Aerodactyl RockFlying Tough Claws Tough Claws Tough Claws 150
Snorlax Normal Immunity Thick Fat Gluttony 30
Articuno IceFlying Pressure Snow Cloak 85
Zapdos ElectricFlying Pressure Static 100
Moltres FireFlying Pressure Flame Body 90
Dratini Dragon Shed Skin Marvel Scale 50
Dragonair Dragon Shed Skin Marvel Scale 70
Dragonite DragonFlying Inner Focus Multiscale 80
Mewtwo Psychic Pressure Unnerve 130
Mega Mewtwo X PsychicFighting Steadfast Steadfast 130
Mega Mewtwo Y Psychic Insomnia Insomnia 140
Mew Psychic Synchronize 100
Meganium Grass Overgrow Leaf Guard 80
Typhlosion Fire Blaze Flash Fire 100
Feraligatr Water Torrent Sheer Force 78
Furret Normal Run Away Keen Eye Frisk 90
Noctowl NormalFlying Insomnia Keen Eye Tinted Lens 70
Ledian BugFlying Swarm Early Bird Iron Fist 85
Ariados BugPoison Swarm Insomnia Sniper 40
Lanturn WaterElectric Volt Absorb Illuminate Water Absorb 67
Togetic FairyFlying Hustle Serene Grace Super Luck 40
Togekiss FairyFlying Hustle Serene Grace Super Luck 80
Xatu PsychicFlying Synchronize Early Bird Magic Bounce 95
Ampharos Electric Static Plus 55
Mega Ampharos ElectricDragon Mold Breaker Mold Breaker 45
Azumarill WaterFairy Thick Fat Huge Power Sap Sipper 50
Jumpluff GrassFlying Chlorophyll Leaf Guard Infiltrator 110
Ambipom Normal Technician Pickup Skill Link 115
Sunflora Grass Chlorophyll Solar Power Early Bird 30
Yanmega BugFlying Speed Boost Tinted Lens Frisk 95
Quagsire WaterGround Damp Water Absorb Unaware 35
Honchkrow DarkFlying Insomnia Super Luck Moxie 71
Mismagius Ghost Levitate 105
Forretress BugSteel Sturdy Overcoat 40
Gliscor GroundFlying Hyper Cutter Sand Veil Poison Heal 95
Granbull Fairy Intimidate Quick Feet Rattled 45
Heracross BugFighting Swarm Guts Moxie 85
Mega Heracross BugFighting Skill Link Skill Link Skill Link 75
Weavile DarkIce Pressure Pressure Pickpocket 125
Ursaring Normal Guts Quick Feet Unnerve 55
Magcargo FireRock Magma Armor Flame Body Weak Armor 30
Piloswine IceGround Oblivious Snow Cloak Thick Fat 50
Mamoswine IceGround Oblivious Snow Cloak Thick Fat 80
Remoraid Water Hustle Sniper Moody 65
Octillery Water Suction Cups Sniper Moody 45
Mantine WaterFlying Swift Swim Water Absorb Water Veil 70
Houndoom DarkFire Early Bird Flash Fire Unnerve 95
Mega Houndoom DarkFire Solar Power Solar Power Solar Power 115
Donphan Ground Sturdy Sand Veil 50
Miltank Normal Thick Fat Scrappy Sap Sipper 100
Raikou Electric Pressure Inner Focus 115
Entei Fire Pressure Inner Focus 100
Suicune Water Pressure Inner Focus 85
Larvitar RockGround Guts Sand Veil 41
Pupitar RockGround Shed Skin Shed Skin 51
Tyranitar RockDark Sand Stream Unnerve 61
Mega Tyranitar RockDark Sand Stream Sand Stream 71
Lugia PsychicFlying Pressure Multiscale 110
Ho-Oh FireFlying Pressure Regenerator 90
Celebi PsychicGrass Natural Cure 100
Sceptile Grass Overgrow Unburden 120
Mega Sceptile GrassDragon Lightning Rod Lightning Rod 145
Blaziken FireFighting Blaze Speed Boost 80
Mega Blaziken FireFighting Speed Boost Speed Boost 100
Swampert WaterGround Torrent Damp 60
Mega Swampert WaterGround Swift Swim Swift Swim 70
Mightyena Dark Intimidate Quick Feet Moxie 70
Linoone Normal Pickup Gluttony Quick Feet 100
Beautifly BugFlying Swarm Rivalry 65
Dustox BugPoison Shield Dust Compound Eyes 65
Ludicolo WaterGrass Swift Swim Rain Dish Own Tempo 70
Nuzleaf GrassDark Chlorophyll Early Bird Pickpocket 60
Shiftry GrassDark Chlorophyll Early Bird Pickpocket 80
Swellow NormalFlying Guts Scrappy 125
Pelipper WaterFlying Keen Eye Drizzle Rain Dish 65
Gardevoir PsychicFairy Synchronize Trace Telepathy 80
Mega Gardevoir PsychicFairy Pixilate Pixilate Pixilate 100
Gallade PsychicFighting Steadfast Steadfast Justified 80
Mega Gallade PsychicFighting Inner Focus Inner Focus Inner Focus 110
Masquerain BugFlying Intimidate Unnerve 80
Breloom GrassFighting Effect Spore Poison Heal Technician 70
Slaking Normal Truant 100
Ninjask BugFlying Speed Boost Infiltrator 160
Shedinja BugGhost Wonder Guard Wonder Guard 40
Exploud Normal Soundproof Scrappy 68
Hariyama Fighting Thick Fat Guts Sheer Force 50
Probopass RockSteel Sturdy Magnet Pull Sand Force 40
Delcatty Normal Cute Charm Normalize Wonder Skin 90
Mawile SteelFairy Hyper Cutter Intimidate Sheer Force 50
Mega Mawile SteelFairy Huge Power Huge Power Huge Power 50
Aggron SteelRock Sturdy Rock Head Heavy Metal 50
Mega Aggron Steel Filter Filter Filter 50
Medicham FightingPsychic Pure Power Telepathy 80
Mega Medicham FightingPsychic Pure Power Pure Power 100
Manectric Electric Static Lightning Rod Minus 105
Mega Manectric Electric Intimidate Intimidate Intimidate 135
Roserade GrassPoison Natural Cure Poison Point Technician 90
Swalot Poison Liquid Ooze Sticky Hold Gluttony 55
Sharpedo WaterDark Rough Skin Speed Boost 95
Mega Sharpedo WaterDark Strong Jaw Strong Jaw 105
Wailord Water Water Veil Oblivious Pressure 60
Camerupt FireGround Magma Armor Solid Rock Anger Point 40
Mega Camerupt FireGround Sheer Force Sheer Force Sheer Force 20
Torkoal Fire White Smoke Drought Shell Armor 20
Grumpig Psychic Thick Fat Own Tempo Gluttony 80
Trapinch Ground Hyper Cutter Arena Trap Sheer Force 10
Vibrava GroundDragon Levitate Levitate Levitate 70
Flygon GroundDragon Levitate Levitate Levitate 100
Cacturne GrassDark Sand Veil Water Absorb 55
Altaria DragonFlying Natural Cure Cloud Nine 80
Mega Altaria DragonFairy Pixilate Pixilate 80
Lunatone RockPsychic Levitate 70
Solrock RockPsychic Levitate 70
Whiscash WaterGround Oblivious Anticipation Hydration 60
Crawdaunt WaterDark Hyper Cutter Shell Armor Adaptability 55
Claydol GroundPsychic Levitate 75
Cradily RockGrass Suction Cups Storm Drain 43
Armaldo RockBug Battle Armor Swift Swim 45
Milotic Water Marvel Scale Competitive Cute Charm 81
Banette Ghost Insomnia Frisk Cursed Body 65
Mega Banette Ghost Prankster Prankster Prankster 75
Dusclops Ghost Pressure Frisk 25
Dusknoir Ghost Pressure Frisk 45
Tropius GrassFlying Chlorophyll Solar Power Harvest 51
Absol Dark Pressure Super Luck Justified 75
Mega Absol Dark Magic Bounce Magic Bounce Magic Bounce 115
Glalie Ice Inner Focus Ice Body Moody 80
Mega Glalie Ice Refrigerate Refrigerate Refrigerate 100
Froslass IceGhost Snow Cloak Snow Cloak Cursed Body 110
Walrein IceWater Thick Fat Ice Body Oblivious 65
Huntail Water Swift Swim Water Veil 52
Gorebyss Water Swift Swim Hydration 52
Relicanth WaterRock Swift Swim Rock Head Sturdy 55
Salamence DragonFlying Intimidate Moxie 100
Mega Salamence DragonFlying Aerilate Aerilate 120
Metang SteelPsychic Clear Body Light Metal 50
Metagross SteelPsychic Clear Body Light Metal 70
Mega Metagross SteelPsychic Tough Claws Tough Claws 110
Regirock Rock Clear Body Sturdy 50
Regice Ice Clear Body Ice Body 50
Registeel Steel Clear Body Light Metal 50
Latias DragonPsychic Levitate 110
Mega Latias DragonPsychic Levitate 110
Latios DragonPsychic Levitate 110
Mega Latios DragonPsychic Levitate 110
Kyogre Water Drizzle 90
Primal Kyogre Water Primordial Sea 90
Groudon Ground Drought 90
Primal Groudon GroundFire Desolate Land 90
Rayquaza DragonFlying Air Lock 95
Mega Rayquaza DragonFlying Delta Stream 115
Jirachi SteelPsychic Serene Grace 100
Normal Deoxys Psychic Pressure 150
Attack Deoxys Psychic Pressure 150
Defense Deoxys Psychic Pressure 90
Speed Deoxys Psychic Pressure 180
Torterra GrassGround Overgrow Shell Armor 56
Infernape FireFighting Blaze Iron Fist 108
Empoleon WaterSteel Torrent Defiant 60
Staraptor NormalFlying Intimidate Reckless 100
Bibarel NormalWater Simple Unaware Moody 71
Kricketune Bug Swarm Technician 65
Luxray Electric Rivalry Intimidate Guts 70
Rampardos Rock Mold Breaker Sheer Force 58
Bastiodon RockSteel Sturdy Soundproof 30
Plant Wormadam BugGrass Anticipation Overcoat 36
Sandy Wormadam BugGround Anticipation Overcoat 36
Trash Wormadam BugSteel Anticipation Overcoat 36
Mothim BugFlying Swarm Tinted Lens 66
Vespiquen BugFlying Pressure Unnerve 40
Floatzel Water Swift Swim Water Veil 115
Cherrim Grass Flower Gift 85
Gastrodon WaterGround Sticky Hold Storm Drain Sand Force 39
Drifblim GhostFlying Aftermath Unburden Flare Boost 80
Lopunny Normal Cute Charm Klutz Limber 105
Mega Lopunny NormalFighting Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy 135
Purugly Normal Thick Fat Own Tempo Defiant 112
Skuntank PoisonDark Stench Aftermath Keen Eye 84
Bronzong SteelPsychic Levitate Heatproof Heavy Metal 33
Spiritomb GhostDark Pressure Infiltrator 35
Garchomp DragonGround Sand Veil Rough Skin 102
Mega Garchomp DragonGround Sand Force Sand Force 92
Lucario FightingSteel Steadfast Inner Focus Justified 90
Mega Lucario FightingSteel Adaptability Adaptability Adaptability 112
Hippowdon Ground Sand Stream Sand Force 47
Drapion PoisonDark Battle Armor Sniper Keen Eye 95
Toxicroak PoisonFighting Anticipation Dry Skin Poison Touch 85
Carnivine Grass Levitate 46
Lumineon Water Swift Swim Storm Drain Water Veil 91
Abomasnow GrassIce Snow Warning Soundproof 60
Mega Abomasnow GrassIce Snow Warning Snow Warning 30
Uxie Psychic Levitate 95
Mesprit Psychic Levitate 80
Azelf Psychic Levitate 115
Dialga SteelDragon Pressure Telepathy 90
Palkia WaterDragon Pressure Telepathy 100
Heatran FireSteel Flash Fire Flame Body 77
Regigigas Normal Slow Start 100
Altered Giratina GhostDragon Pressure Telepathy 90
Origin Giratina GhostDragon Levitate Levitate 90
Cresselia Psychic Levitate 85
Manaphy Water Hydration 100
Darkrai Dark Bad Dreams 125
Land Shaymin Grass Natural Cure 100
Sky Shaymin GrassFlying Serene Grace 127
Arceus Normal Multitype 120
Victini PsychicFire Victory Star 100
Serperior Grass Overgrow Contrary 113
Emboar FireFighting Blaze Reckless 65
Samurott Water Torrent Shell Armor 70
Watchog Normal Illuminate Keen Eye Analytic 77
Stoutland Normal Intimidate Sand Rush Scrappy 80
Liepard Dark Limber Unburden Prankster 106
Simisage Grass Gluttony Overgrow 101
Simisear Fire Gluttony Blaze 101
Simipour Water Gluttony Torrent 101
Musharna Psychic Forewarn Synchronize Telepathy 29
Unfezant NormalFlying Big Pecks Super Luck Rivalry 93
Zebstrika Electric Lightning Rod Motor Drive Sap Sipper 116
Gigalith Rock Sturdy Sand Stream Sand Force 25
Swoobat PsychicFlying Unaware Klutz Simple 114
Excadrill GroundSteel Sand Rush Sand Force Mold Breaker 88
Audino Normal Healer Regenerator Klutz 50
Mega Audino NormalFairy Healer Healer Healer 50
Conkeldurr Fighting Guts Sheer Force Iron Fist 45
Seismitoad WaterGround Swift Swim Poison Touch Water Absorb 74
Leavanny BugGrass Swarm Chlorophyll Overcoat 92
Scolipede BugPoison Poison Point Swarm Speed Boost 112
Whimsicott GrassFairy Prankster Infiltrator Chlorophyll 116
Lilligant Grass Chlorophyll Own Tempo Leaf Guard 90
Krookodile GroundDark Intimidate Moxie Anger Point 92
Standard Darmanitan Fire Sheer Force Zen Mode 95
Zen Darmanitan FirePsychic Sheer Force Zen Mode 55
Crustle BugRock Sturdy Shell Armor Weak Armor 45
Scrafty DarkFighting Shed Skin Moxie Intimidate 58
Sigilyph PsychicFlying Wonder Skin Magic Guard Tinted Lens 97
Cofagrigus Ghost Mummy 30
Carracosta WaterRock Solid Rock Sturdy Swift Swim 32
Archeops RockFlying Defeatist 110
Garbodor Poison Stench Weak Armor Aftermath 75
Zoroark Dark Illusion 105
Cinccino Normal Cute Charm Technician Skill Link 115
Gothitelle Psychic Frisk Competitive Shadow Tag 65
Reuniclus Psychic Overcoat Magic Guard Regenerator 30
Swanna WaterFlying Keen Eye Big Pecks Hydration 98
Vanilluxe Ice Ice Body Snow Warning Weak Armor 79
Sawsbuck NormalGrass Chlorophyll Sap Sipper Serene Grace 95
Escavalier BugSteel Swarm Shell Armor Overcoat 20
Amoonguss GrassPoison Effect Spore Regenerator 30
Jellicent WaterGhost Water Absorb Cursed Body Damp 60
Galvantula BugElectric Compound Eyes Unnerve Swarm 108
Ferrothorn GrassSteel Iron Barbs Anticipation 20
Klink Steel Plus Minus Clear Body 30
Klang Steel Plus Minus Clear Body 50
Klinklang Steel Plus Minus Clear Body 90
Eelektross Electric Levitate 50
Beheeyem Psychic Telepathy Synchronize Analytic 40
Chandelure GhostFire Flash Fire Flame Body Infiltrator 80
Haxorus Dragon Rivalry Mold Breaker Unnerve 97
Beartic Ice Snow Cloak Slush Rush Swift Swim 50
Cryogonal Ice Levitate 105
Accelgor Bug Hydration Sticky Hold Unburden 145
Mienshao Fighting Inner Focus Regenerator Reckless 105
Druddigon Dragon Rough Skin Sheer Force Mold Breaker 48
Golurk GroundGhost Iron Fist Klutz No Guard 55
Bisharp DarkSteel Defiant Inner Focus Pressure 70
Braviary NormalFlying Keen Eye Sheer Force Defiant 80
Mandibuzz DarkFlying Big Pecks Overcoat Weak Armor 80
Hydreigon DarkDragon Levitate 98
Volcarona BugFire Flame Body Swarm 100
Cobalion SteelFighting Justified 108
Terrakion RockFighting Justified 108
Virizion GrassFighting Justified 108
Incarnate Tornadus Flying Prankster Defiant 111
Therian Tornadus Flying Regenerator Regenerator 121
Incarnate Thundurus ElectricFlying Prankster Defiant 111
Therian Thundurus ElectricFlying Volt Absorb Volt Absorb 101
Reshiram DragonFire Turboblaze 90
Zekrom DragonElectric Teravolt 90
Incarnate Landorus GroundFlying Sand Force Sheer Force 101
Therian Landorus GroundFlying Intimidate Intimidate 91
Kyurem DragonIce Pressure 95
Black Kyurem DragonIce Teravolt 95
White Kyurem DragonIce Turboblaze 95
Keldeo WaterFighting Justified 108
Aria Meloetta NormalPsychic Serene Grace 90
Pirouette Meloetta NormalFighting Serene Grace 128
Genesect BugSteel Download 99
Chesnaught GrassFighting Overgrow Bulletproof 64
Delphox FirePsychic Blaze Magician 104
Greninja WaterDark Torrent Protean 122
Diggersby NormalGround Pickup Cheek Pouch Huge Power 78
Talonflame FireFlying Flame Body Gale Wings 126
Vivillon BugFlying Shield Dust Compound Eyes Friend Guard 89
Pyroar FireNormal Rivalry Unnerve Moxie 106
Florges Fairy Flower Veil Symbiosis 75
Gogoat Grass Sap Sipper Grass Pelt 68
Pangoro FightingDark Iron Fist Mold Breaker Scrappy 58
Female Meowstic Psychic Keen Eye Infiltrator Competitive 104
Male Meowstic Psychic Keen Eye Infiltrator Prankster 104
Aegislash SteelGhost Stance Change 60
Aromatisse Fairy Healer Aroma Veil 29
Slurpuff Fairy Sweet Veil Unburden 72
Malamar DarkPsychic Contrary Suction Cups Infiltrator 73
Barbaracle RockWater Tough Claws Sniper Pickpocket 68
Dragalge PoisonDragon Poison Point Poison Touch Adaptability 44
Clawitzer Water Mega Launcher 59
Heliolisk ElectricNormal Dry Skin Sand Veil Solar Power 109
Tyrantrum RockDragon Strong Jaw Rock Head 71
Amaura RockIce Refrigerate Snow Warning 46
Aurorus RockIce Refrigerate Snow Warning 58
Goodra Dragon Sap Sipper Hydration Gooey 80
Klefki SteelFairy Prankster Magician 75
Trevenant GhostGrass Natural Cure Frisk Harvest 56
Gourgeist GhostGrass Pickup Frisk Insomnia 84
Avalugg Ice Own Tempo Ice Body Sturdy 28
Noivern FlyingDragon Frisk Infiltrator Telepathy 123
Xerneas Fairy Fairy Aura 99
Yveltal DarkFlying Dark Aura 99
10% Zygarde DragonGround Aura Break 115
50% Zygarde DragonGround Aura Break 95
Complete Zygarde DragonGround Power Construct 85
Diancie RockFairy Clear Body 50
Mega Diancie RockFairy Magic Bounce 110
Hoopa Confined PsychicGhost Magician 70
Hoopa Unbound PsychicDark Magician 80
Volcanion FireWater Water Absorb 70
Incineroar FireDark Blaze Intimidate 60
Vikavolt BugElectric Levitate 43
Lurantis Grass Leaf Guard Contrary 45
Bewear NormalFighting Fluffy Klutz Unnerve 60
Comfey Fairy Flower Veil Triage Natural Cure 100
Passimian Fighting Receiver Defiant 80
Silvally Normal RKS System 95
Minior RockFlying Shields Down 60
Turtonator FireDragon Shell Armor 36
Mimikyu GhostFairy Disguise 96
Drampa NormalDragon Berserk Sap Sipper Cloud Nine 36
Dhelmise GhostGrass Steelworker 40
Kommo-o DragonFighting Bulletproof Soundproof Overcoat 85
Tapu Koko ElectricFairy Electric Surge Telepathy 130
Tapu Lele PsychicFairy Psychic Surge Telepathy 95
Tapu Bulu GrassFairy Grassy Surge Telepathy 75
Tapu Fini WaterFairy Misty Surge Telepathy 85
Solgaleo PsychicSteel Full Metal Body 97
Lunala PsychicGhost Shadow Shield 97
Pheromosa BugFighting Beast Boost 151
Xurkitree Electric Beast Boost 83
Celesteela SteelFlying Beast Boost 61
Guzzlord DarkDragon Beast Boost 43
Necrozma Psychic Prism Armor 79
Dusk Mane Necrozma PsychicSteel Prism Armor 77
Dawn Wings Necrozma PsychicGhost Prism Armor 77
Ultra Necrozma PsychicDragon Neuroforce 129
Magearna SteelFairy Soul-Heart 65
Naganadel PoisonDragon Beast Boost 121
Blacephalon FireGhost Beast Boost 107