The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database

Hammer Arm

Base energy

Triggers Rough Skin et al.


Boosted by Iron Fist

Type matchups

Super effective vs
Not very effective vs
Ineffective vs


Lowers the user's Speed by one stage.


The user mightily slams its arm down atop its foe, crushing them into the ground with the strength of the blow. This attack is cumbersome to perform, however, and causes the user to experience impaired movement for a short time afterwards, resulting in a slight lowering of its Speed.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Geodude RockGround Rock Head Sturdy Sand Veil 20
Graveler RockGround Rock Head Sturdy Sand Veil 35
Golem RockGround Rock Head Sturdy Sand Veil 45
Lickitung Normal Own Tempo Oblivious Cloud Nine 30
Lickilicky Normal Own Tempo Oblivious Cloud Nine 50
Rhydon GroundRock Lightning Rod Rock Head Reckless 40
Rhyperior GroundRock Lightning Rod Solid Rock Reckless 40
Kangaskhan Normal Early Bird Scrappy Inner Focus 90
Mega Kangaskhan Normal Parental Bond Parental Bond Parental Bond 100
Elekid Electric Static Vital Spirit 95
Electabuzz Electric Static Vital Spirit 105
Electivire Electric Motor Drive Vital Spirit 95
Sudowoodo Rock Sturdy Rock Head Rattled 30
Ursaring Normal Guts Quick Feet Unnerve 55
Miltank Normal Thick Fat Scrappy Sap Sipper 100
Swampert WaterGround Torrent Damp 60
Mega Swampert WaterGround Swift Swim Swift Swim 70
Slakoth Normal Truant 30
Vigoroth Normal Vital Spirit 90
Slaking Normal Truant 100
Whismur Normal Soundproof Rattled 28
Loudred Normal Soundproof Scrappy 48
Exploud Normal Soundproof Scrappy 68
Metagross SteelPsychic Clear Body Light Metal 70
Mega Metagross SteelPsychic Tough Claws Tough Claws 110
Regirock Rock Clear Body Sturdy 50
Regice Ice Clear Body Ice Body 50
Registeel Steel Clear Body Light Metal 50
Groudon Ground Drought 90
Primal Groudon GroundFire Desolate Land 90
Cranidos Rock Mold Breaker Sheer Force 58
Rampardos Rock Mold Breaker Sheer Force 58
Emboar FireFighting Blaze Reckless 65
Timburr Fighting Guts Sheer Force Iron Fist 35
Gurdurr Fighting Guts Sheer Force Iron Fist 40
Conkeldurr Fighting Guts Sheer Force Iron Fist 45
Darumaka Fire Hustle Inner Focus 50
Standard Darmanitan Fire Sheer Force Zen Mode 95
Zen Darmanitan FirePsychic Sheer Force Zen Mode 55
Golett GroundGhost Iron Fist Klutz No Guard 35
Golurk GroundGhost Iron Fist Klutz No Guard 55
Incarnate Tornadus Flying Prankster Defiant 111
Therian Tornadus Flying Regenerator Regenerator 121
Incarnate Thundurus ElectricFlying Prankster Defiant 111
Therian Thundurus ElectricFlying Volt Absorb Volt Absorb 101
Incarnate Landorus GroundFlying Sand Force Sheer Force 101
Therian Landorus GroundFlying Intimidate Intimidate 91
Chesnaught GrassFighting Overgrow Bulletproof 64
Diggersby NormalGround Pickup Cheek Pouch Huge Power 78
Pangoro FightingDark Iron Fist Mold Breaker Scrappy 58
Stufful NormalFighting Fluffy Klutz Cute Charm 50
Bewear NormalFighting Fluffy Klutz Unnerve 60
Buzzwole BugFighting Beast Boost 79
Guzzlord DarkDragon Beast Boost 43