The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database

Brutal Swing

Base energy

Triggers Rough Skin et al.

Type matchups

Super effective vs
Not very effective vs
Ineffective vs


Deals damage. No other effect.


The user swings and flails all over the place, blindly striking everything around it. Besides the considerable wasted effort, this move should be used carefully, as its frenzied user will hit friend and foe alike without so much as noticing.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Charizard FireFlying Blaze Solar Power 100
Mega Charizard X FireDragon Tough Claws Tough Claws 100
Mega Charizard Y FireFlying Drought Drought 100
Beedrill BugPoison Swarm Sniper 75
Mega Beedrill BugPoison Adaptability Adaptability 145
Ekans Poison Intimidate Shed Skin Unnerve 55
Arbok Poison Intimidate Shed Skin Unnerve 80
Alolan Geodude RockElectric Magnet Pull Sturdy Galvanize 20
Alolan Graveler RockElectric Magnet Pull Sturdy Galvanize 35
Alolan Golem RockElectric Magnet Pull Sturdy Galvanize 45
Farfetch'd NormalFlying Keen Eye Inner Focus Defiant 60
Alolan Grimer PoisonDark Poison Touch Gluttony Power of Alchemy 25
Alolan Muk PoisonDark Poison Touch Gluttony Power of Alchemy 50
Onix RockGround Rock Head Sturdy Weak Armor 70
Steelix SteelGround Rock Head Sturdy Sheer Force 30
Mega Steelix SteelGround Sand Force Sand Force Sand Force 30
Alolan Exeggutor GrassDragon Frisk Harvest 45
Cubone Ground Rock Head Lightning Rod Battle Armor 35
Marowak Ground Rock Head Lightning Rod Battle Armor 45
Alolan Marowak FireGhost Cursed Body Lightning Rod Rock Head 45
Lickitung Normal Own Tempo Oblivious Cloud Nine 30
Lickilicky Normal Own Tempo Oblivious Cloud Nine 50
Rhydon GroundRock Lightning Rod Rock Head Reckless 40
Rhyperior GroundRock Lightning Rod Solid Rock Reckless 40
Scyther BugFlying Swarm Technician Steadfast 105
Scizor BugSteel Swarm Technician Light Metal 65
Mega Scizor BugSteel Technician Technician Technician 75
Pinsir Bug Hyper Cutter Mold Breaker Moxie 85
Mega Pinsir BugFlying Aerilate Aerilate Aerilate 105
Gyarados WaterFlying Intimidate Moxie 81
Mega Gyarados WaterDark Mold Breaker Mold Breaker 81
Aerodactyl RockFlying Rock Head Pressure Unnerve 130
Mega Aerodactyl RockFlying Tough Claws Tough Claws Tough Claws 150
Dratini Dragon Shed Skin Marvel Scale 50
Dragonair Dragon Shed Skin Marvel Scale 70
Dragonite DragonFlying Inner Focus Multiscale 80
Mewtwo Psychic Pressure Unnerve 130
Mega Mewtwo X PsychicFighting Steadfast Steadfast 130
Mega Mewtwo Y Psychic Insomnia Insomnia 140
Mew Psychic Synchronize 100
Sentret Normal Run Away Keen Eye Frisk 20
Furret Normal Run Away Keen Eye Frisk 90
Ampharos Electric Static Plus 55
Mega Ampharos ElectricDragon Mold Breaker Mold Breaker 45
Gliscor GroundFlying Hyper Cutter Sand Veil Poison Heal 95
Heracross BugFighting Swarm Guts Moxie 85
Mega Heracross BugFighting Skill Link Skill Link Skill Link 75
Delibird IceFlying Vital Spirit Hustle Insomnia 75
Donphan Ground Sturdy Sand Veil 50
Tyranitar RockDark Sand Stream Unnerve 61
Mega Tyranitar RockDark Sand Stream Sand Stream 71
Sceptile Grass Overgrow Unburden 120
Mega Sceptile GrassDragon Lightning Rod Lightning Rod 145
Shiftry GrassDark Chlorophyll Early Bird Pickpocket 80
Aggron SteelRock Sturdy Rock Head Heavy Metal 50
Mega Aggron Steel Filter Filter Filter 50
Flygon GroundDragon Levitate Levitate Levitate 100
Seviper Poison Shed Skin Infiltrator 65
Armaldo RockBug Battle Armor Swift Swim 45
Milotic Water Marvel Scale Competitive Cute Charm 81
Tropius GrassFlying Chlorophyll Solar Power Harvest 51
Absol Dark Pressure Super Luck Justified 75
Mega Absol Dark Magic Bounce Magic Bounce Magic Bounce 115
Salamence DragonFlying Intimidate Moxie 100
Mega Salamence DragonFlying Aerilate Aerilate 120
Groudon Ground Drought 90
Primal Groudon GroundFire Desolate Land 90
Rayquaza DragonFlying Air Lock 95
Mega Rayquaza DragonFlying Delta Stream 115
Normal Deoxys Psychic Pressure 150
Attack Deoxys Psychic Pressure 150
Defense Deoxys Psychic Pressure 90
Speed Deoxys Psychic Pressure 180
Lopunny Normal Cute Charm Klutz Limber 105
Mega Lopunny NormalFighting Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy 135
Garchomp DragonGround Sand Veil Rough Skin 102
Mega Garchomp DragonGround Sand Force Sand Force 92
Drapion PoisonDark Battle Armor Sniper Keen Eye 95
Altered Giratina GhostDragon Pressure Telepathy 90
Origin Giratina GhostDragon Levitate Levitate 90
Serperior Grass Overgrow Contrary 113
Excadrill GroundSteel Sand Rush Sand Force Mold Breaker 88
Timburr Fighting Guts Sheer Force Iron Fist 35
Gurdurr Fighting Guts Sheer Force Iron Fist 40
Conkeldurr Fighting Guts Sheer Force Iron Fist 45
Krokorok GroundDark Intimidate Moxie Anger Point 74
Krookodile GroundDark Intimidate Moxie Anger Point 92
Escavalier BugSteel Swarm Shell Armor Overcoat 20
Haxorus Dragon Rivalry Mold Breaker Unnerve 97
Hydreigon DarkDragon Levitate 98
Incarnate Tornadus Flying Prankster Defiant 111
Therian Tornadus Flying Regenerator Regenerator 121
Incarnate Thundurus ElectricFlying Prankster Defiant 111
Therian Thundurus ElectricFlying Volt Absorb Volt Absorb 101
Reshiram DragonFire Turboblaze 90
Zekrom DragonElectric Teravolt 90
Incarnate Landorus GroundFlying Sand Force Sheer Force 101
Therian Landorus GroundFlying Intimidate Intimidate 91
Kyurem DragonIce Pressure 95
Black Kyurem DragonIce Teravolt 95
White Kyurem DragonIce Turboblaze 95
Greninja WaterDark Torrent Protean 122
Diggersby NormalGround Pickup Cheek Pouch Huge Power 78
Honedge SteelGhost No Guard 28
Doublade SteelGhost No Guard 35
Aegislash SteelGhost Stance Change 60
Malamar DarkPsychic Contrary Suction Cups Infiltrator 73
Barbaracle RockWater Tough Claws Sniper Pickpocket 68
Heliolisk ElectricNormal Dry Skin Sand Veil Solar Power 109
Tyrantrum RockDragon Strong Jaw Rock Head 71
Goodra Dragon Sap Sipper Hydration Gooey 80
Trevenant GhostGrass Natural Cure Frisk Harvest 56
Incineroar FireDark Blaze Intimidate 60
Crabrawler Fighting Hyper Cutter Iron Fist Anger Point 63
Crabominable FightingIce Hyper Cutter Iron Fist Anger Point 43
Stufful NormalFighting Fluffy Klutz Cute Charm 50
Bewear NormalFighting Fluffy Klutz Unnerve 60
Oranguru NormalPsychic Inner Focus Telepathy Symbiosis 60
Passimian Fighting Receiver Defiant 80
Turtonator FireDragon Shell Armor 36
Dhelmise GhostGrass Steelworker 40
Hakamo-o DragonFighting Bulletproof Soundproof Overcoat 65
Kommo-o DragonFighting Bulletproof Soundproof Overcoat 85
Tapu Bulu GrassFairy Grassy Surge Telepathy 75
Nihilego RockPoison Beast Boost 103
Xurkitree Electric Beast Boost 83
Celesteela SteelFlying Beast Boost 61
Guzzlord DarkDragon Beast Boost 43
Necrozma Psychic Prism Armor 79
Dusk Mane Necrozma PsychicSteel Prism Armor 77
Dawn Wings Necrozma PsychicGhost Prism Armor 77
Ultra Necrozma PsychicDragon Neuroforce 129
Stakataka RockSteel Beast Boost 13
Zeraora Electric Volt Absorb 143