The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Base energy

Triggers Rough Skin et al.

Type matchups

Super effective vs
Not very effective vs
Ineffective vs


Base power is doubled if the user has already taken damage this action.


The user stands still, summoning up all its icy power to create a swarm of ice-covered rocks that hover in the air around it. If the targeted foe should damage the user before this attack is complete, the user in its fury sends all the boulders crashing down in a snowy slide, effectively doubling this attack's base power; otherwise, it merely charges the foe, slamming them into the ground and pummeling them with freezing stones.



Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Blastoise Water Torrent Rain Dish 78
Mega Blastoise Water Mega Launcher Mega Launcher 78
Nidoqueen PoisonGround Poison Point Rivalry Sheer Force 76
Nidoking PoisonGround Poison Point Rivalry Sheer Force 85
Slowbro WaterPsychic Oblivious Own Tempo Regenerator 30
Mega Slowbro WaterPsychic Shell Armor Shell Armor Shell Armor 30
Slowking WaterPsychic Oblivious Own Tempo Regenerator 30
Dewgong WaterIce Thick Fat Hydration Ice Body 70
Shellder Water Shell Armor Skill Link Overcoat 40
Cloyster WaterIce Shell Armor Skill Link Overcoat 70
Rhydon GroundRock Lightning Rod Rock Head Reckless 40
Rhyperior GroundRock Lightning Rod Solid Rock Reckless 40
Blissey Normal Natural Cure Serene Grace Healer 55
Kangaskhan Normal Early Bird Scrappy Inner Focus 90
Mega Kangaskhan Normal Parental Bond Parental Bond Parental Bond 100
Starmie WaterPsychic Illuminate Natural Cure Analytic 115
Smoochum IcePsychic Oblivious Forewarn Hydration 65
Jynx IcePsychic Oblivious Forewarn Dry Skin 95
Gyarados WaterFlying Intimidate Moxie 81
Mega Gyarados WaterDark Mold Breaker Mold Breaker 81
Lapras WaterIce Water Absorb Shell Armor Hydration 60
Glaceon Ice Snow Cloak Snow Cloak Ice Body 65
Articuno IceFlying Pressure Snow Cloak 85
Mewtwo Psychic Pressure Unnerve 130
Mega Mewtwo X PsychicFighting Steadfast Steadfast 130
Mega Mewtwo Y Psychic Insomnia Insomnia 140
Mew Psychic Synchronize 100
Feraligatr Water Torrent Sheer Force 78
Sneasel DarkIce Inner Focus Keen Eye Pickpocket 115
Weavile DarkIce Pressure Pressure Pickpocket 125
Ursaring Normal Guts Quick Feet Unnerve 55
Swinub IceGround Oblivious Snow Cloak Thick Fat 50
Piloswine IceGround Oblivious Snow Cloak Thick Fat 50
Mamoswine IceGround Oblivious Snow Cloak Thick Fat 80
Delibird IceFlying Vital Spirit Hustle Insomnia 75
Suicune Water Pressure Inner Focus 85
Tyranitar RockDark Sand Stream Unnerve 61
Mega Tyranitar RockDark Sand Stream Sand Stream 71
Lugia PsychicFlying Pressure Multiscale 110
Mudkip Water Torrent Damp 40
Marshtomp WaterGround Torrent Damp 50
Swampert WaterGround Torrent Damp 60
Mega Swampert WaterGround Swift Swim Swift Swim 70
Exploud Normal Soundproof Scrappy 68
Aggron SteelRock Sturdy Rock Head Heavy Metal 50
Mega Aggron Steel Filter Filter Filter 50
Sharpedo WaterDark Rough Skin Speed Boost 95
Mega Sharpedo WaterDark Strong Jaw Strong Jaw 105
Wailmer Water Water Veil Oblivious Pressure 60
Wailord Water Water Veil Oblivious Pressure 60
Crawdaunt WaterDark Hyper Cutter Shell Armor Adaptability 55
Milotic Water Marvel Scale Competitive Cute Charm 81
Castform Normal Forecast 70
Sunny Castform Fire Forecast 70
Rainy Castform Water Forecast 70
Snowy Castform Ice Forecast 70
Snorunt Ice Inner Focus Ice Body Moody 50
Glalie Ice Inner Focus Ice Body Moody 80
Mega Glalie Ice Refrigerate Refrigerate Refrigerate 100
Froslass IceGhost Snow Cloak Snow Cloak Cursed Body 110
Walrein IceWater Thick Fat Ice Body Oblivious 65
Regice Ice Clear Body Ice Body 50
Kyogre Water Drizzle 90
Primal Kyogre Water Primordial Sea 90
Rayquaza DragonFlying Air Lock 95
Mega Rayquaza DragonFlying Delta Stream 115
Normal Deoxys Psychic Pressure 150
Attack Deoxys Psychic Pressure 150
Defense Deoxys Psychic Pressure 90
Speed Deoxys Psychic Pressure 180
Empoleon WaterSteel Torrent Defiant 60
Rampardos Rock Mold Breaker Sheer Force 58
Bastiodon RockSteel Sturdy Soundproof 30
Snover GrassIce Snow Warning Soundproof 40
Abomasnow GrassIce Snow Warning Soundproof 60
Mega Abomasnow GrassIce Snow Warning Snow Warning 30
Palkia WaterDragon Pressure Telepathy 100
Regigigas Normal Slow Start 100
Arceus Normal Multitype 120
Vanillite Ice Ice Body Snow Cloak Weak Armor 44
Vanillish Ice Ice Body Snow Cloak Weak Armor 59
Vanilluxe Ice Ice Body Snow Warning Weak Armor 79
Cubchoo Ice Snow Cloak Slush Rush Rattled 40
Beartic Ice Snow Cloak Slush Rush Swift Swim 50
Amaura RockIce Refrigerate Snow Warning 46
Aurorus RockIce Refrigerate Snow Warning 58
Bergmite Ice Own Tempo Ice Body Sturdy 28
Avalugg Ice Own Tempo Ice Body Sturdy 28
Crabominable FightingIce Hyper Cutter Iron Fist Anger Point 43