The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database

Safety Goggles


Protects against weather damage and powder-based moves.


A pair of thick goggles that protects the holder from particles rushing towards their eyes. A Pokémon holding this item is immune to powder-based moves and damage from weather, as if it had the ability Overcoat.

Powder moves

Move Type Stat Pow. En. Acc. Pri. Summary
Cotton Spore Grass 2% 100%

Lowers each target's Speed by two stages.

Poison Powder Poison 3% 75%

Poisons the target.

Powder Bug 3% 100% +1

Explodes if the target uses a Fire move this action, dealing 5% damage and preventing the move.

Rage Powder Bug 3% +2

Redirects opponents' single-target moves to the user this action.

Sleep Powder Grass 3% 75%

Puts the target to sleep.

Spore Grass 4% 100%

Puts the target to sleep.

Stun Spore Grass 3% 75%

Severely paralyzes the target.