The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Summary: Protects against allies' damaging moves.


This Pokémon establishes a telepathic link with its allies whenever it is sent into battle, allowing it to roughly anticipate their intentions. As a result, a Pokémon with this ability will always be able to get out of the way of its allies' attacks, with the result that it will avoid all damaging attacks used by allies that might otherwise strike it.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Regular ability
Elgyem Psychic Telepathy Synchronize Analytic 30
Beheeyem Psychic Telepathy Synchronize Analytic 40
Oranguru NormalPsychic Inner Focus Telepathy Symbiosis 60
Hidden ability
Wynaut Psychic Shadow Tag Telepathy 23
Wobbuffet Psychic Shadow Tag Telepathy 33
Ralts PsychicFairy Synchronize Trace Telepathy 40
Kirlia PsychicFairy Synchronize Trace Telepathy 50
Gardevoir PsychicFairy Synchronize Trace Telepathy 80
Meditite FightingPsychic Pure Power Telepathy 60
Medicham FightingPsychic Pure Power Telepathy 80
Dialga SteelDragon Pressure Telepathy 90
Palkia WaterDragon Pressure Telepathy 100
Altered Giratina GhostDragon Pressure Telepathy 90
Munna Psychic Forewarn Synchronize Telepathy 24
Musharna Psychic Forewarn Synchronize Telepathy 29
Noibat FlyingDragon Frisk Infiltrator Telepathy 55
Noivern FlyingDragon Frisk Infiltrator Telepathy 123
Tapu Koko ElectricFairy Electric Surge Telepathy 130
Tapu Lele PsychicFairy Psychic Surge Telepathy 95
Tapu Bulu GrassFairy Grassy Surge Telepathy 75
Tapu Fini WaterFairy Misty Surge Telepathy 85