The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Summary: Multiplies Bug moves' base power by 1.3 at 33% health or less.


This Pokémon has a deep connection with a hive mind of some sort, although normally being captured and taken far from its home diminishes its connection with its fellow bugs. However, when in grave danger the Pokémon will be able to reach deep inside itself and call on the power of the hive. When this Pokémon falls below 33% health, its body glows an acid green color and the base power of its Bug-type attacks are multiplied by 1.3 as they are backed up by the strength of the swarm. If the Pokémon's HP should rise to back above 33% at any time or for any reason, this ability falls out of effect.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Regular ability
Beedrill BugPoison Swarm Sniper 75
Scyther BugFlying Swarm Technician Steadfast 105
Scizor BugSteel Swarm Technician Light Metal 65
Ledyba BugFlying Swarm Early Bird Rattled 55
Ledian BugFlying Swarm Early Bird Iron Fist 85
Spinarak BugPoison Swarm Insomnia Sniper 30
Ariados BugPoison Swarm Insomnia Sniper 40
Heracross BugFighting Swarm Guts Moxie 85
Beautifly BugFlying Swarm Rivalry 65
Volbeat Bug Illuminate Swarm Prankster 85
Kricketune Bug Swarm Technician 65
Mothim BugFlying Swarm Tinted Lens 66
Sewaddle BugGrass Swarm Chlorophyll Overcoat 42
Leavanny BugGrass Swarm Chlorophyll Overcoat 92
Venipede BugPoison Poison Point Swarm Speed Boost 57
Whirlipede BugPoison Poison Point Swarm Speed Boost 47
Scolipede BugPoison Poison Point Swarm Speed Boost 112
Karrablast Bug Swarm Shed Skin No Guard 60
Escavalier BugSteel Swarm Shell Armor Overcoat 20
Durant BugSteel Swarm Hustle Truant 109
Grubbin Bug Swarm 46
Hidden ability
Joltik BugElectric Compound Eyes Unnerve Swarm 65
Galvantula BugElectric Compound Eyes Unnerve Swarm 108
Larvesta BugFire Flame Body Swarm 60
Volcarona BugFire Flame Body Swarm 100