The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database

Snow Warning

Summary: Changes the weather to hail for nine actions upon entering battle.


This Pokémon wields an arcane power over the weather, bringing cloudy skies and pelting hail with it wherever it goes. Hail is triggered when this Pokémon is brought onto the field, and it will continue for nine actions, even if the Pokémon leaves the field for any reason. However, the weather may be changed during those nine actions, and the hail will not return after the other weather effect has ended unless the Pokémon with Snow Warning is recalled and sent out again. This ability has no effect indoors or in areas where weather is normally banned completely, or where only Hail is excluded.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Regular ability
Snover GrassIce Snow Warning Soundproof 40
Abomasnow GrassIce Snow Warning Soundproof 60
Mega Abomasnow GrassIce Snow Warning Snow Warning 30
Vanilluxe Ice Ice Body Snow Warning Weak Armor 79
Hidden ability
Alolan Vulpix Ice Snow Cloak Snow Warning 65
Alolan Ninetales IceFairy Snow Cloak Snow Warning 109
Amaura RockIce Refrigerate Snow Warning 46
Aurorus RockIce Refrigerate Snow Warning 58