The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Summary: Raises critical hits' extra damage to 0.75× the base damage, and the limit to 10% extra damage.


This Pokémon has worked extensively on its aim so that it can consistently hit an opponent's weak point for more damage than if it had simply struck it by accident. When a Pokémon with this ability scores a critical hit against a foe, it gains a damage bonus equal to the base damage of the move multiplied by 0.75, rounded down. Pokemon with this ability can inflict up to 10% bonus damage with critical hits, instead of the usual 7%.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Regular ability
Horsea Water Swift Swim Sniper Damp 60
Seadra Water Poison Point Sniper Damp 85
Kingdra WaterDragon Swift Swim Sniper Damp 85
Remoraid Water Hustle Sniper Moody 65
Octillery Water Suction Cups Sniper Moody 45
Skorupi PoisonBug Battle Armor Sniper Keen Eye 65
Drapion PoisonDark Battle Armor Sniper Keen Eye 95
Binacle RockWater Tough Claws Sniper Pickpocket 50
Barbaracle RockWater Tough Claws Sniper Pickpocket 68
Hidden ability
Beedrill BugPoison Swarm Sniper 75
Spearow NormalFlying Keen Eye Sniper 70
Fearow NormalFlying Keen Eye Sniper 100
Spinarak BugPoison Swarm Insomnia Sniper 30
Ariados BugPoison Swarm Insomnia Sniper 40