The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database

Pure Power

Summary: Multiplies physical moves' base power by 1.2, but raises all moves' energy cost by 1%.


This Pokémon's power wells up from deep within, imbuing their every action with extra grace and energy. In battle, the base power of all this Pokémon's offensive physical attacks, regardless of type, is multiplied by 1.2 but, as a result of the draining effects that constantly utilizing this power has on the body, all attacks used by this Pokémon consume 1% more than the normal amount of energy.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Regular ability
Meditite FightingPsychic Pure Power Telepathy 60
Medicham FightingPsychic Pure Power Telepathy 80
Mega Medicham FightingPsychic Pure Power Pure Power 100