The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Summary: Multiplies Grass moves' base power by 1.3 at 33% health or less.


This Pokémon has a reserve of extra energy deep within itself that it cannot call upon except in times of greatest need. When severely wounded, this Pokémon is able to call forth its hidden power and, glowing green with unbridled Grass-type energy, make Grass-type attacks that are 1.3× more powerful than normal. When a Pokémon with this ability falls below 33% health, this ability activates, but if the Pokémon should eventually rise above 33% at any time or for any reason, this ability falls out of effect.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Regular ability
Bulbasaur GrassPoison Overgrow Chlorophyll 45
Ivysaur GrassPoison Overgrow Chlorophyll 60
Venusaur GrassPoison Overgrow Chlorophyll 80
Chikorita Grass Overgrow Leaf Guard 45
Bayleef Grass Overgrow Leaf Guard 60
Meganium Grass Overgrow Leaf Guard 80
Treecko Grass Overgrow Unburden 70
Grovyle Grass Overgrow Unburden 95
Sceptile Grass Overgrow Unburden 120
Turtwig Grass Overgrow Shell Armor 31
Grotle Grass Overgrow Shell Armor 36
Torterra GrassGround Overgrow Shell Armor 56
Snivy Grass Overgrow Contrary 63
Servine Grass Overgrow Contrary 83
Serperior Grass Overgrow Contrary 113
Chespin Grass Overgrow Bulletproof 38
Quilladin Grass Overgrow Bulletproof 57
Chesnaught GrassFighting Overgrow Bulletproof 64
Rowlet GrassFlying Overgrow Long Reach 42
Dartrix GrassFlying Overgrow Long Reach 52
Decidueye GrassGhost Overgrow Long Reach 70
Hidden ability
Pansage Grass Gluttony Overgrow 64
Simisage Grass Gluttony Overgrow 101