The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Summary: Prevents paralysis.


This Pokémon's body is lithe and supple. It boasts an excellent control of its muscles, enabling it to to remain in command of them even after normally debilitating electric or toxic spore attacks, preventing this Pokémon from ever being paralyzed.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Regular ability
Persian Normal Limber Technician Unnerve 115
Hitmonlee Fighting Limber Reckless Unburden 87
Ditto Normal Limber Imposter 48
Glameow Normal Limber Own Tempo Keen Eye 85
Purrloin Dark Limber Unburden Prankster 66
Liepard Dark Limber Unburden Prankster 106
Stunfisk GroundElectric Static Limber Sand Veil 32
Hawlucha FightingFlying Limber Unburden Mold Breaker 118
Mareanie PoisonWater Merciless Limber Regenerator 45
Toxapex PoisonWater Merciless Limber Regenerator 35
Hidden ability
Buneary Normal Run Away Klutz Limber 85
Lopunny Normal Cute Charm Klutz Limber 105