The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Summary: Optionally disguises the Pokémon as another member of the active squad when sent out, until hit by a damaging move. The other Pokémon must be used in the same battle.


This Pokémon is adept at using its sorcerous powers to shroud itself in illusions. When sent out, a Pokémon with this ability takes on the appearance of one of the other Pokémon on its team that is still capable of fighting. However, the illusion dissipates as soon as the Pokémon has been struck by a damaging attack.

When a trainer wants to send out a Pokémon with this ability, if they still have any unfainted Pokémon in their reserve, they may PM the referee that they are sending out their Illusion Pokémon, while posting in the thread that they're sending out one of their other Pokémon in reserve. Play will continue as though the Pokémon sent out was what the trainer claimed in the thread, although the referee will treat it as the Illusion Pokémon for the purpose of all damage calculations, and it can only use attacks in its own movepool.

A Pokémon impersonated in this way must later be used in battle if it hasn't been sent out yet. For example, take a 3vs3 battle where a player's first Pokémon has just been knocked out. They choose to send out their Zorua with Illusion next. However, in the thread they post that they're sending out their Growlithe. If Zorua is later knocked out, Growlithe must be the Pokémon chosen to replace it.

As soon as the Illusion Pokémon is struck by a damaging attack, the effect ends and the referee begins referring to it by its actual characteristics. If the Pokémon it was impersonating had already been sent out but was later recalled and has taken damage, this is not reflected in the stats of the Pokémon with Illusion--its actual health and energy will be displayed. If the trainer has no unfainted Pokémon that aren't already on the field when a Pokémon with Illusion is sent out, the ability has no effect at that time.

Additionally, a Pokémon with this ability may spend an action to cast an illusion on itself once the battle has begun, and this illusion does not need to be of one of its allies, or even of a Pokémon at all; it can appear to be any living or inanimate thing its trainer can think of. However, the illusion is still broken if the Pokémon is struck by a damaging attack.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Regular ability
Zorua Dark Illusion 65
Zoroark Dark Illusion 105