The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Summary: Copies other Pokémon's dance moves and immediately uses them without the use of an action.


Wherever there's a dance, this Pokémon is sure to be joining the dance. It won't even be intimidated by unfamiliar styles, a want of appropriate limbs, or the fact that its fellow dancer might be trying to attack it, although any such situations can make for truly hysterical scenes. Whenever another Pokémon on the field uses a dance move (except as a result of the Dancer ability), this Pokémon will use the same move immediately afterwards; this happens separately from that Pokémon's regular move for the action, so it'll happen even if it has already used a move, and won't stop it using a move of its own later in the action.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Regular ability
Baile Oricorio FireFlying Dancer 93
Pom-Pom Oricorio ElectricFlying Dancer 93
Pa'u Oricorio PsychicFlying Dancer 93
Sensu Oricorio GhostFlying Dancer 93