The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


Summary: Multiplies Fire moves' base power by 1.3 at 33% health or less.


Pokémon with Blaze have a deep inner reserve of strength that they can only call upon in times of great need. When severely injured, these Pokémon can unlock their hidden power, glowing red with fire energy that will allow them to produce unusually powerful flame attacks. When a Pokémon with this ability falls below 33% health, this ability activates, effectively raising the base power of all the Fire-type attacks this Pokémon uses by 1.3×. If the Pokémon's HP should rise to back above 33% at any time and for any reason, this ability falls out of effect.


Pokémon Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability Speed
Regular ability
Charmander Fire Blaze Solar Power 65
Charmeleon Fire Blaze Solar Power 80
Charizard FireFlying Blaze Solar Power 100
Cyndaquil Fire Blaze Flash Fire 65
Quilava Fire Blaze Flash Fire 80
Typhlosion Fire Blaze Flash Fire 100
Torchic Fire Blaze Speed Boost 45
Combusken FireFighting Blaze Speed Boost 55
Blaziken FireFighting Blaze Speed Boost 80
Chimchar Fire Blaze Iron Fist 61
Monferno FireFighting Blaze Iron Fist 81
Infernape FireFighting Blaze Iron Fist 108
Tepig Fire Blaze Thick Fat 45
Pignite FireFighting Blaze Thick Fat 55
Emboar FireFighting Blaze Reckless 65
Fennekin Fire Blaze Magician 60
Braixen Fire Blaze Magician 73
Delphox FirePsychic Blaze Magician 104
Litten Fire Blaze Intimidate 70
Torracat Fire Blaze Intimidate 90
Incineroar FireDark Blaze Intimidate 60
Hidden ability
Pansear Fire Gluttony Blaze 64
Simisear Fire Gluttony Blaze 101