The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


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Name Species Ability XP :3 Item
Active squad
Houdini Zorua Illusion 0 0
Walter Ralts Trace 0 0
Relic Bronzor Heatproof 0 0
Shadow Murkrow Super Luck 0 0
Cicadomorpha Nincada Compound Eyes 0 0
Pyre Vulpix Flash Fire 0 0
Quillian Cyndaquil Blaze 0 0
Slaad Croagunk Dry Skin 0 0
Anisoptera Yanma Speed Boost 0 0
Halt Rowlet Long Reach 0 0
Pierre Sandshrew Snow Cloak 0 0
Geothermophile Slugma Flame Body 0 0
Araneomorpha Spinarak Swarm 0 0


Item Qty Summary
Razor Claw 1 Raises the holder's critical hit rate by one stage. Helps Sneasel evolve.
Reaper Cloth 1 Grants the holder Intimidate in addition to all other abilities. Helps Dusclops evolve.
Scope Lens 1 Raises the holder's critical hit rate by one stage.
Spooky Plate 1 Lowers damaging Ghost-type moves' energy cost by 1%. Makes Hidden Power Ghost-type.
Weakness Policy 1 Raises Attack and Special Attack when hit by a super-effective move by one stage for each level of weakness. One use per battle.


Battle Ref Started Ended
In Progress
Cynder vs Sglod Byrus 2016 June 22
Cynder vs Stryke JackPK 2016 August 30
Cynder and Keldeo vs RedneckPhoenix and Stryke Sandstone-Shadow 2016 December 04