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Zero Moment

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Pokémon count


Name Species Ability XP :3 Item
Active squad
Pyralspite Deino Hustle 0 0 Zoom Lens
Leafpaw Shinx Intimidate 2 2
Zephyr Vanillite Ice Body 2 2
Pallasch Rufflet Keen Eye 1 1
Stenr Timburr Guts 0 0
Sinh Goomy Gooey 3 3 Draco Plate
Brinstar Binacle Tough Claws 0 0 Shell Bell
Noibat Noibat Infiltrator 0 0 Yache Berry
Faustkämpfer Pancham Iron Fist 0 0 Moon Stone
Goldeneye Sableye Stall 0 0 Link Cable
Eurastar Cleffa Magic Guard 1 1
Mercury Oshawott Torrent 1 1
Umbra Lampent Flash Fire 7 5 Wise Glasses
Venus Snivy Contrary 1 1
Rasvata Vulpix Flash Fire 3 3 Destiny Knot
Joltik Joltik Compound Eyes 0 0
Char Charmander Blaze 0 0 Flame Orb
Reiter Rufflet Sheer Force 0 0
Tesla Tynamo Levitate 0 0
Iron Giant Golett Iron Fist 0 0
Draumr Munna Forewarn 0 0
Eleum Wynaut Shadow Tag 0 0
Becquerel Growlithe Intimidate 0 0
Shinespark Chimchar Iron Fist 0 0
Ralts Ralts Trace 0 0


Item Qty Summary
Babiri Berry 1 Lowers the effectiveness of Steel-type moves on the user by one level for one round. One use per battle.
Dusk Stone 1 Raises damaging moves' final damage by 2% as long as the holder has 33% health or less. Helps certain Pokémon evolve.
Electirizer 1 Grants the holder Motor Drive in addition to all other abilities. Damages it by 1% after each action if it is weak to Electric. Helps Electabuzz evolve.
Magmarizer 1 Grants the holder Flash Fire in addition to all other abilities. Damages it by 1% after each action if it is weak to Fire. Helps Magmar evolve.
Micle Berry 1 Ensures that the holder's next move will hit when it falls to 33% heath or below. One use per battle.
Salac Berry 1 Raises the holder's Speed by one stage when it falls to 33% health or below. One use per battle.


Battle Ref Started Ended
In Progress
Birdcrest vs Zero Moment The Omskivar 2015 July 12
Wargle vs Zero Moment Vipera Magnifica 2016 January 01
RedneckPhoenix vs Superbird vs Zero Moment vs Kratos Aurion vs Meowth vs Stryke vs Sandstone-Shadow vs sanderidge vs Keldeo Negrek 2017 February 19
Lilypad vs Zero Moment Eifie 2015 January 31 2015 September 17
Zero Moment vs TruetoCheese Eifie 2015 April 11 2015 July 03