The Cave of Dragonflies ASB Database


4 ($13)
Female or male


Doubles Speed during strong sunlight.

Type matchups

Weak to (1.5×)
Resistant to (0.67×)
Immune to (0×)





Move Type Stat Pow. En. Acc. Pri. Summary
Aromatherapy Grass 4% Heals all friendly Pokémon's status conditions.
Attract Normal 4% 100% Infatuates the target if it is the opposite gender.
Bullet Seed Grass Physical 25 * 100% Hits 2-5 times in one action. Base power is 25 times the number of hits.
Captivate Normal 2% 100% Lowers the target's Special Attack by two stages if it is the opposite gender.
Confide Normal 1% Lowers the target's Special Attack by one stage.
Dazzling Gleam Fairy Special 80 4% 100% Deals damage. No other effect.
Defense Curl Normal 1% Raises the user's Defense by one stage.
Double Team Normal * Produces a number of illusory clones which act as decoys for single-target moves.
Endure Normal * +4 Prevents direct damage from lowering the user's health below 1% this action.
Energy Ball Grass Special 90 5% 100% Has a 10% chance to lower the target's Special Defense by one stage.
Facade Normal Physical 70 4% 100% Base power is doubled if the user has a major status ailment, excluding sleep.
Flash Normal 1% 100% Lowers the target's Accuracy by one stage if it relies on sight.
Flower Shield Fairy * Raises all Grass-type Pokémon's Defense by one stage.
Frustration Normal Physical * * 100% Base power and energy cost vary with the user's mood.
Giga Drain Grass Special 75 4% 100% Drains half the damage dealt to heal the user.
Grass Knot Grass Special * * 100% Base power and energy cost depend on the target's weight.
Grass Whistle Grass 1% 55% Puts the target to sleep.
Grassy Terrain Grass 5% For six actions, heals Pokémon on the ground for 1% each action and raises their Grass-type moves' base damage by 4/3x.
Growth Normal 2% Raises the user's Attack and Special Attack by one stage.
Healing Wish Psychic * Knocks the user out and fully heals its replacement's health.
Heal Pulse Psychic * Restores 50% of the target's health.
Helping Hand Normal * +5 Multiplies the power of an ally's move by 1.5 this action.
Hidden Power Normal Special 60 3% 100% Type is randomized per Pokémon per battle.
Leech Seed Grass 5% 90% Drains 1% of the target's health to heal the user after each action.
Lucky Chant Normal 4% Protects all friendly Pokémon against critical hits for five actions.
Magical Leaf Grass Special 60 3% Never misses.
Morning Sun Normal * Restores up to 50% of the user's health, depending on the amount of sunlight in the arena.
Natural Gift Normal Physical * * 100% Has a really complicated effect based on the user's signature move. Going to change this soon.
Nature Power Normal * Uses another move depending on the arena.
Petal Blizzard Grass Physical 90 5% 100% Deals damage. No other effect.
Protect Normal * +4 Protects the user against all moves this action.
Razor Leaf Grass Physical 55 3% 95% Has a critical hit rate one stage higher than normal.
Rest Psychic * Puts the user to sleep and fully heals it over three actions.
Return Normal Physical * * 100% Base power and energy cost vary with the user's mood.
Rollout Rock Physical 30 2% 90% Base power doubles with each consecutive use.
Round Normal Special 60 3% 100% Has double power if used by multiple Pokémon in one action.
Safeguard Normal * Protects the user and its allies from status ailments for five actions.
Secret Power Normal Physical 70 5% 100% Has a 30% chance of inflicting an extra effect that depends on the terrain.
Seed Bomb Grass Physical 80 4% 100% Deals damage. No other effect.
Sleep Talk Normal * Randomly uses any move the user has used since entering battle. Only works while asleep.
Snore Normal Special 50 4% 100% Has a 30% chance to make the target flinch. Only works while asleep.
Solar Beam Grass Special 120 7% 100% Requires an action to charge. Can be used in one action for 3% extra energy.
Substitute Normal * Transfers 10%, 15%, or 20% of the user's health into a doll, which blocks moves targetting the user until the doll's health reaches 0.
Sunny Day Fire 5% Changes the weather to strong sunlight for nine actions.
Swagger Normal 3% 85% Confuses the target and raises its Attack by two stages.
Sweet Scent Normal 2% 100% Lowers each target's Evasion by two stages.
Swords Dance Normal 2% Raises the user's Attack by two stages.
Synthesis Grass * Restores 50% of the user's health usually, 66% during strong sunlight, or 25% during rain, sandstorm, or hail.
Tackle Normal Physical 40 2% 100% Deals damage. No other effect.
Take Down Normal Physical 90 5% 85% Deals recoil damage to the user equal to 1/4 the damage dealt.
Tickle Normal 2% 100% Lowers the target's Attack and Defense by one stage.
Toxic Poison 4% 90% Badly poisons the target. Never misses if the user is Poison-type.
Weather Ball Normal Special 50 3% 100% Has 100 base power and changes type to match the weather if there is weather in effect.
Worry Seed Grass 3% 100% Changes the target's ability to Insomnia.

Cherubi in the league

Name Trainer Ability XP :3 Item
Cerise Zexion Chlorophyll 2 2
Evans Keldeo Chlorophyll 0 0 Heat Rock
Flower Power Bluberry Bat Chlorophyll 0 0
Həmləsəm Eta Carinae Chlorophyll 0 0
ROUND sanderidge Chlorophyll 0 0