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Gift Exchange 2017

Posted 2017 December 25, 14:47.24 UTC by Negrek

The annual ASB gift exchange is back! From now until January 1st, use the gift feature to send presents to your ASB friends. If you aren't sure what to get someone, check out the Gift Exchange thread to see if they've posted any gifts.

Happy holidays, and here's to 2018. Look forward to some fun new ASB events coming in January!

Ultra Sun/Moon update

Posted 2017 December 05, 21:36.50 UTC by Zhorken

Ultra Sun/Moon stuff is (a little belatedly) in the db! Beware minor spoilers!

EDIT: Alright, all the sprites should be in!

ASB Halloween Mafia

Posted 2017 November 10, 06:28.32 UTC by Negrek

It's been awhile, but I thought this year we'd have another ASB Halloween Mafia game! Participate to earn some rare candy--win to earn even more!

Item/money evo crash fix

Posted 2017 March 06, 23:48.49 UTC by Zhorken

Hi apparently I missed some stuff when I changed the evolution system to support Alola Forms and so item and money evos were crashing. That should be fixed now.

ASBdb changelog, December 13

Posted 2016 December 13, 07:10.08 UTC by Zhorken

I just updated evolution stuff, finally! Separate methods for Alola Forms are working, too.

Also, older stuff I never posted here: