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ASBdb changelog, December 13

Posted 2016 December 13, 07:10.08 UTC by Zhorken

I just updated evolution stuff, finally! Separate methods for Alola Forms are working, too.

Also, older stuff I never posted here:

Sun/Moon update?

Posted 2016 November 12, 18:52.55 UTC by Zhorken

Hello! I'm trying to gauge people's interest in ASB updating for Sun/Moon, so I posted a poll on the forums!

Server upgrade

Posted 2016 September 17, 03:56.19 UTC by Zhorken

I upgraded the server to Ubuntu 16.04 and had to update a bunch of ASBdb stuff to get it running again. Everything should be good now, but if anything breaks, let me know!

#Pokemon20 Promo

Posted 2016 February 28, 02:34.28 UTC by Zhorken

Slightly late for some time zones, but to celebrate twenty years of Pokémon, everyone gets one free Kanto Pokémon (or corresponding baby) with its hidden ability! You have until the end of March to pick it up.

Happy Pokémon day!

dancing Red/Green Omastar dancing Red/Blue Omastar

ASB Awards 2015: Results in!

Posted 2016 January 30, 19:21.53 UTC by Metallica Fanboy

You've cast your votes, and now, it's finally time to see who are the winners. Check out the ASB Awards thread, and you'll find them in bold.

Not coincidentally, today is also the day that marks one year since we've relaunched. All things considered, it's been a great year of ASB; thank you all for making it so, and let's make another great year from here until the next ceremony!