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Ultra Sun/Moon update

Posted 2017 December 05, 21:36.50 UTC by Zhorken

Ultra Sun/Moon stuff is (a little belatedly) in the db! Beware minor spoilers!

EDIT: Alright, all the sprites should be in!

ASB Halloween Mafia

Posted 2017 November 10, 06:28.32 UTC by Negrek

It's been awhile, but I thought this year we'd have another ASB Halloween Mafia game! Participate to earn some rare candy--win to earn even more!

Item/money evo crash fix

Posted 2017 March 06, 23:48.49 UTC by Zhorken

Hi apparently I missed some stuff when I changed the evolution system to support Alola Forms and so item and money evos were crashing. That should be fixed now.

ASBdb changelog, December 13

Posted 2016 December 13, 07:10.08 UTC by Zhorken

I just updated evolution stuff, finally! Separate methods for Alola Forms are working, too.

Also, older stuff I never posted here:

Sun/Moon update?

Posted 2016 November 12, 18:52.55 UTC by Zhorken

Hello! I'm trying to gauge people's interest in ASB updating for Sun/Moon, so I posted a poll on the forums!